Wibu Clients , only the Wibu dongle drivers need to be installed. To update the number of licenses, you will be sent a file of with the same name as the 12d Model Wibu network dongle number but ending in “. No part of this publication may. That is, there can be more than one computer with a Wibu network dongle attached. For version 12 of 12d Model, the [nodes.

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New Wibu drivers and CodeMeter drivers can be installed with: And 12d Model will stop running on the computer that no longer has the Wibu single user dongle attached to it. Plug in the red USB hardware.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. It can be qibu from any computer as long as the Wibu Network Monitor software has been installed. Instructions for manual installation: The installation More information. Installing Wibu Network Dongles.

Note that 12d Solutions do not support access to both Hardlock network dongles and Wibu network dongles at the same time. Installation A printer driver is an application that manages communication between a printer and your computer. If the Wibu Server resides in a different subnet behind a router or the Wibu Server is programmed not respond to the broadcast messages, the 12x Client must be given the IP address or computer name of the Wibu Server.


Click on Wiby and a final dialogue will appear Record this error message as well again use Print Screen and save the bmp file and click on OK to terminate the update procedure. When monitoring from a computer without the network dongle attached, only the Wibu Network Monitor software needs to be installed and the Network Server software is not needed.

Every effort More information. Print Server Application Guide.

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Wibu Server – a computer with a Wibu network dongle attached to it. Moxa Device Manager 2.

Installing and Uninstalling a You need to be Administrator to install 12d Model. Installing the Wibu Network Software 7. This guide contains proprietary information protected by copyright.

winu There is also an additional entry which lists the total Max number of 12d Model licenses on all the listed network dongles and the number of licenses not being used Free. If the Wibu dongle is not locally but is on the network, clicking on Network will scan the entire network and all attached Wibu dongles are displayed and can be interrogated.

Installing 12d Model | 12D Wiki

However, such Wibu Client computers will need a modification to their env. So if a Wibu network dongle is introduced, all the computers that are currently running 12d Model with a Wibu 12x dongle will not need Wibu drivers installed.


Start display at page:.

To run 12d Model on another computer, the Wibu single user dongle must be moved to the new computer. Driver Installation USB 2. XP now finds “C: Page 1 of 14! Copyright Denver Tax Software, Inc. Clicking on a Wibu Server name, lists those Wibu network dongles attached to that computer. If the Wibu Network Server Monitoring software is not on automatic browse, do a Browse to rescan the network and wjbu new dongle should appear.

No warranty of fitness wwibu a particular purpose is offered. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written.

Transferring the 12d Model Network Dongle

This software allows the computer to interactively monitor the use of the Wibu Servers. Use the phone cord included to connect to the phone jack. The dongle must be attached to the USB port at all times, otherwise 1d2 Model will stop running.