Indeed, Formula 1 drivers use them, and one supposes that you can make like Jenson Button when the mood strikes. Producing hp at 6, rpm, and lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm based on the new SAE rating , these are the same numbers as the RSX, although the torque band has been supplemented in the midrange by the use of a resonator chamber attached to the intake manifold. Speed sensitive power assisted rack and pinion steering. Ebony colored 17” alloy wheels. Options Quote message in reply? The first picture is of the current TL. The brakes work with even the lightest brush of the pedal, and stopping power is just fine.

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– First Drive: Acura CSX – Acura Forum : Acura Forums

Looks like they are screwing up the grille of all the new acuras. I’d argue, in fact, that some of the touches on the model, such as the chunky spokes on the alloy wheels or the deeper front bumper, actually seem a bit heavy-handed, acuga compromise some of the deftness of the original design. Options Quote message in reply?

It has the same 2. Options Quote message in reply? A high-resolution display between the speedometer and the tachometer replaces the old panel of warning lights with a trip computer, and the driver’s seat now has a two-position memory.


Acura TL vs Honda Civic.

Look what they did to a Mercedes SL Gullwing. Please login to submit your evaluation. Unfortunately, though I appreciated the nav system’s functionality in my tester, its level of integration with the rest of xanadiandriver controls was a bit confusing. Though the TSX does have fairly sharp lines – witness the ridge running right from the point in the grille all the way to the back of the car – its proportions are pretty family-car-like, explained by its platform being based on the European version of the Honda Accord which is slightly shorter and narrower than our Accord.

And this means you may have to peer around them when cornering. The Departed – automotive edition Would you be shocked if I told you that a dozen cars are leaving our showrooms in ? The navigation system can also be programmed using voice commands, and even understands Canadian French.

Only sixth gear is a bit of a reach away, requiring a bit of a rightward joggle when shifting from fifth. Auto dimming rear view mirror. The first picture is of the current TL. I’ve been on these forums for a long time but never had anything to post, so now is my first time.

Five-passenger luxury compact sedan Price: Look what they did to Porsche !

Look what Honda did to the Acura TL – Team-BHP

Congrats to the Winners! More Acura TL info: Based on 45 reviews. Found this document when I had googled “stability assist”, “winter tires” and “acura” matches OP’s owner’s manual??? Popular winter tires in csnadiandriver class include: These folks that tell you to get a skinnier tire so it can dig deep down into the snow are taking folklore to a new level.


Must be some new grill design theme.

Position memory for driver seat, steering column and exterior mirrors. A few of the popular H-rated winter tires include: I’ve read winter tire reviews on the internet but it’s hard to know which sites to rely on. The display is what used to be called “futuristic” in the 20th Century, so maybe its time acurs come.

Your browser is out of date.

Page 1 of 2. Got em last year from tirerack. In order to be able to post messages on the Acura Forum: The CSX’s colour palette is “European inspired,” according to Acura, cwnadiandriver even though the climate was nothing like the south of France, these new colours added some life to a typical, late-fall Canadian day.

In addition, this model has 4 doors and seats 5.