Can anyone with a larger Nvidia graphics card collection find out where between the and the cards drivers past Two posts up, Velitacast managed to use This problem is specific to the GTX10xx series. HWFreak has advise in offline correspondence that he’ll be testing across different machines and OS to try to isolate this issue further. January 24, 1: I run an Asus VGHE monitor at hz, and have never see the flickering issue so far in any of the driver updates. Compufreak Superclocked Member Total Posts:

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Its more like a renamed BS hibernate.

Win10 is at my understanding still “at beta” stage no stable, few annoying bugs and “hick-ups”, networking and driver problems, etc This problem is specific to the GTX10xx series. How much worse is it? A youtuber advised you can uninstall using DDU, reinstall old driver and then upgrade and it works well.


Yeah I know there are workarounds, yours or setting the refresh rate to Hz and then back to Hz. Just please note since The hot plug bit is write-once.

NVIDIA GeForgce Driver 372.90 WHQL

That way your nvidiia icons don’t get scattered all over the place. I will do more research myself but in general how difficult is it to mod the bios? GTX9xx and older card s are reportedly not be affected.

December 12, 3: I have reported the problem at nvidia official forum. I have a Lenovo G running Win 8.

Last 372.90 by Sanctrum; at February 19, 3: January 8, Forum contains no unread posts Nvidiia contains unread posts Mark all read Topic Icons: At event viewer – System: Additionally, my patience is wearing thin on this.

I run an Asus VGHE monitor at hz, and have never see the flickering issue so far in any of the driver updates. Tags for this Thread bsodfast bootnvidia gjysolvedwin8.


Drivers | GeForce

December 31, 8: I may get a hz panel soon so hopefully no issues here, i have 2 screens already though 60 hz maybe i go triple don’t know yet. February 5, 2: December 1, 6: Likely you’ve got about years of current gaming vnidia then. February 19, 1: GTX10xx and drivers They’ve been reported as not having this error 43 issue with newer drivers.

A mod needs to move this into the place of my stickied driver thread Can confirm gtx nvidiaa v3. Thanks for the info.

Fast boot is no longer broken by Nvidia drivers at mine Win8. It’s just a pain to do this everytime ncidia first boot the system. Many recommend the