Sign up for a new account in our community. Buy a compatible wireless card. Congratulations you just went through the first step! Audio input is currently not implemented. Works as a system audio device – all apps that output audio such as QuickTime 7.

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It fools the installer to make it think that it runs on a Mac hardware.

I got the idea for the fix from ayenon — the site is in Japanese, but you can get the main idea by looking at the screen print. Download the Macintosh drivers version 2. Tested on Lenovo V laptop on If the light on the dongle stays blue constantly it is not installed correctly. I upgraded using a slightly modified version of the instructions from this Gizmodo article. What I will show you here is the latest method based on what people put on the Internet and has been tested and confirmed to be working fine.

The second issue was sound lag when using GarageBand from iLife 08 with an M-Audio midi keyboard controller.

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Pietra’s technical journals on computer hac,intosh, programming, python, pointers, perl, php, photography and more. For those who not feel free to ask me your questions.


This is the partition name. Works in Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L laptop. From your Terminal type:. Once you access the Bios you will need to browse hackinntosh the menus and check if you have the following options, if you do set them as indicated: What is this wifi?

Read the link for instructions.

DO NOT do it yet. These are are hackintksh a few programs you can grab many more can be found in these places: You can restart your machine now. The whole idea of using a custom boot CD is to setup the necessary environment for the OS X installer.

Congratulations for those of you who use this journal hackinyosh a guide and made it. I thought this was due to an underpowered processor, but upgrading to Snow Leopard has resolved this issue as well. We are going to customize some boot parameters as the final step.

Logitech Control Center 2.

Intel Wireless Wifi Link 4965Agn Hackintosh

The two most likely reasons we would never see it happen, PC hardware manufacturers have so many different combinations of CPU’s, chipset’s and devices in their machines that Apple would have a hard time trying to make the OS work with all the possible hardware out in the wild. Thanks for the documentation. But I needed a second WiFi port for a client application. The best example of how this needs to be done is from a kext pack I downloaded for netbook which included the MSI U I was using the basics are as follows.


Works fine plug and play, resolution defaults to X but can be adjusted to video cards full resolution. The beauty of OS X is that this is all hacjintosh on the fly without the need to reboot but the process needs to shuffle data around on the HD and this can take an extremely long period of time depending on how much data it has to move around. Hackimtosh installed the driver, rebooted and plugged the dongle in. This prevents your netbook from automatically waking from sleep when you open the lid.

Make sure that the file DSDT. But when i want to start installing i get the message: After connecting the monitor Leopard refused to boot without the monitor plugged in.