V Lights when an unfinalized Video mode disc is loaded. D Yes Pin 26 Does a signal output it? Does anyone have problems with their creatibve or sound blaster cards with this game? These subscreens are not for service use. PT microcomputer starts up.

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Timeout for gaining semaphore no synchronization with the display Tr: Starts compensation by detecting link failure Rv: You can also check the model No. There is some delay after real bus reset occurred because of set by the built-in firmware.

Be sure to obtain your client’s consent beforehand. Yes Release the reset of PT microcomputer.

Yes Is disc valid? Please input 27 MHz clock.

Grand Theft Auto SA Issue??? [Archive] – Overclockers Forums

Result of the diagnosis: D Input ID Number! Yes Pin 27 Does a signal output it? Adjustments To keep the original performance of the products, optimum adjustments and confirmation of characteristics within specification.


Timing of updating the data on cumulative HDD-on time: Can addressing the k byte space. A Ro the two screws.

Samsung and CD-ROM drivers

Refer to the example 4 Make sure the screws are tightly fastened. B C 3 Initialization is performed according to the setting specified After 2 the tray closes, disc detection is performed, and if 99 in “DVD-RW automatic initialization” accessed by selecting titles have already been registered, the unit stops there.

Remote control unit for servicing GGF B 1.

SP Lights when the recording mode is set to SP standard play. Screws adjacent to mark on product are used for disassembly. The HDD has been authenticated. If the number and data are not set correctly with the following procedure, operations in the future may not be guaranteed.

Care must be taken especially during operation when the power is on. In these particular instances, check with the software publisher for more detailed information.

The HDD is a precision instrument very vulnerable to shock and electrostatic charges. Timeout for waiting for stream ready Av: C Detailed description 616tt Model: Note however that some disc types, such as recordable CD and DVD, may be in an unplayable format—see below for further compatibility information.


Please replace the wiring and cables to the original state after repairs. R2FTOvr Reverse playback task: End All recorded data are deleted if the HDD is intialized.

The specific-channel-setting data for the currently selected channel are reset to default. The accuracy of inference differs depending on the product. If you wish to set individual data items for the currently selected channel, you must clear any specific-channel settings for one or more channels.

OrderEr Reverse playback task: The management information pointer designated was NULL.