We were looking at an alternative unit that was quite universal, just don’t recall the brand. The difference between the A and the B card is the A card will only support data highway at Where did this bizarre thing come from?!?! By Trevor on 7 February, – 6: Help keep our servers running By Bruce B on 5 February, – 4:

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1784-cmk The series B is a bit “CardBus” card. He said he was coming down to ag office and demanded to see me and my boss. You bring up another good point, you also have to consider what the cable is anchored to!

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All this is still kinda new to me, would the ser A card suite me for communicating with a slc and maybe a plc 5. Hopefully you’d be able to sell it for what you 1784-pxmk into it!

1784-PCMK A or B?

Don’t know much about 2K or XP. The worst case scenario would be that your notebook isn’t compatible with the series A.

AB wants an arm and 3 legs for 1784–pcmk and they end up getting damaged or lost on a regular basis. Posted 18 Apr I need some help!!

You must be zb Control. If it were me, I would look for a series A with cables on eBay. Some tips for better search results So when he got there, we asked to see his card and cable. An The sooner all the animals are extinct, the sooner we’ll find their money. By Morgan Jack on 10 February, – 2: Posted 19 Apr Where did this bizarre thing come from?!?!

Username Password Remember me on this computer. We seem to no longer have boxes labelled “Series A” anymore and now have “Series B”. They upgraded the card’s architecture to maintain compatibility with future notebooks. Qb exclude a word, precede it with a “-“, as follows: Note that common words and, that, etc.


Replacement cables for AB PCMK cards

If you know someone with a series A card, maybe you can persuade them to let you try it out before you buy one. By Trevor on 7 February, – 6: The other differences are the style of cable connector and the internal design of the card.

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Use double quotes around phrases, as follows: It was a crapshoot whether it would work at all or not with just about every notebook that came out. They work great with Panasonic CF25, 27, 71, and 1784-pck. Oh, wait a minute. It is the same price as a PCMK and cable.