I hope these suggestions help anyone who is looking to do this easy mod. Yes, my password is: Apparently the power save feature of the network card glitches out and you can disable that useless feature. Which is kind of nice, since the card is under your right palm. I followed the disassembly guide here to take the keyboard and top panel off. Discussion in ‘ Acer ‘ started by imokruok , Oct 18,

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The only stable config for me is bios with the Atheros drivers from windows update vista ultimate. A couple of tips.

wirepess Seems to work well for some. For other people, the wireless connects and works just fine, but then won’t work for a few minutes – but doesn’t disconnect from the router. I had the problem of the module remaining connected but not working. I have no intention of taking the screen apart to add the third antenna.

Acer Aspire One D250 Wireless WiFi Card 7260HMW Kav60

I installed the new driver on mine, but never seemed to have a problem before. Once I get the wifi module replaced I’ll continue my quest wireldss the aftermarket 6 cell battery.

There has been some discussion about this on other parts of the web. I wouldn’t have added the new card if I had to go through the complete disassembly to add the third antenna, but this is not a necessary step. Similar Threads – Acer Aspire wireless.


Acer Aspire One wireless fix (new WiFi module) | NotebookReview

Acer did come out with a new driver for the built-in WiFi radio. Now, you won’t get true Wireless-n without the third antenna, but reception overall seems better with the Intel card, and the Intel card does not get as hot as the Atheros. No more issues since I turned it off and it even reactivated my wifi! I assume it’s lead 1 and 2.

The antenna leads that you remove from the Atheros have the same connector as the Intel card, so just go with the two leads instead. No, create an account now.

Acer Aspire One wireless fix (new WiFi module)

Share This Page Tweet. I honestly did have some issues when using the 3 cell battery weak reception, dropping network but they all disappeared once I went to the wirelwss cell.

The first time I took my One apart I shoved the third tab too far inside and it wouldn’t come out. And actually, the Intel card does not get hot at all.

This saves you from scratches if you use a metal tool. Log in or Sign up. This was a bit frustrating. Every time I try an updated bios I get wireless disconnects. Although I’m not happy about having to replace the Atheros card to fix my wireless problems it was relatively cheap only 33 bucks from buy. The Intel AGN is installed and working perfectly. Acer Aspire 5 AGV6 upgrades? What Notebook Should I Buy?


The Intel card has three antenna jacks, the Atheros only two. I followed the disassembly guide here to take the keyboard and top panel acfr. Blacky Dec 16, The other thing to watch for when removing the keyboard is the left-most keyboard tab, it is not accessible from underneath unlike the other 2 so if it gets pushed in, it will stay in and you can’t get to it to pop it out.

Which two should I hook the original antennas to? In properties go to the Advanced tab, iwreless on Power Save Mode and turn it off! This is the easiest fix for those who have this problem and have been frustrated by a solution.