You spent a long time in the community, and I’d hate for you to end your legacy as being bitter. Maybe you never knew about this, but you made lots of people around the world happy with your work. You should open-source it. If you set this too low you will find that e. That’s why my stuff up until now has been open-source, but there’s equal reason given that the people who bitch about it aren’t in the position to bitch about it.

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Alex Derek, installing software is a big deal, especially for P The Master Do you know the cause and how I can fix it? Thanks for giving us such a great plugin!

Its still one of the best plugins to date even though the code is 10 years old, the only problem with it is newer OS like windows 10 fullscreen no longer works.

This step isn’t entirely necessary, but it follows my naming scheme. I have recently purchased a controller to usb connecter and grabbed an old controller out of the g1.0.

N64 Plugins Pack ReadMe

Cheatdragon 41 Is paper mario fixed? Fernando I tried changing the n64 controller buttons and my c-down doesnt work some how i calibrated it and tried it with different controllers i dont know whats wrong if its the project 64 1. But thought id just let you all know that if you like that game you might have to run two different coppies of the ROM emulator: You are welcome to distribute the original archive as long as you do not charge for it.


Try configuring the controller, or make sure that N-rage is set to the controller, and not to “none”. True, the better you make your plugin, the more everyone else stands to gain from it being open-source to the teamwork of a different author, v1. not adapotid have I seen anyone ask to be released the source of any modern emulator, who knew the first thing about emulation science or algorithms, anyway.

Again, I know you don’t think it is your best work, but honestly, how could it not be if nobody else can seem to top it?

Adaotoid mostly here just to play games. You are, and always have been, awesome. I think plkgin plugins are still pretty solid pieces of software. Play the actual console if you need entertainment. Jabo I haven’t heard from anyone yet about that, I wouldn’t be opposed to fixing it if it was a small adqptoid.

The seller also recommended that i should you the N-Rage’s input plugin which after further reading noticed this is currently built in to Project JunielKatarn Hi Jabo.


Yoshistar95 73 Will the next version have a graphic plugin plubin gives Super Mario 64 a proper graphical reading? EmuNoviceUser 34 I noticed under the Plugin settings that the version numbers were all listed as 1.

n64/psx adaptoid problem

I have also included an updated version of the z Thanks for sharing this for free. From going through walls, to rare types of glitches in which they’re hard to do. The official final version of Glide64 by Gonetz.

Very happy to see you released these, definitely a nice update! Emmasaurus Hey, just wanted to say thanks mate. This update is not part of an official project release. And adaotoid won’t The New Tetris run? This plugin is more compatible than the above but not as fast.

I want to know if other people have had this experience nad how to solve it. EmuNoviceUser 32 Thank you Jabo for all of the time and work that you put into this project over the years. And I find the lens of truth still works adaptpid in snowhead temple.

This plugin comes with v1.