One of the obstacles that absolutely every club designer struggles with is that a golf club head, particularly a driver head, is simply not aerodynamic by design. I like the set-up open. It’s just not what I would have expected with a G30 head. Equipment and balls should fall into two categories; USGA events and anything goes. Golfers will choose based on ego, taste, and ability. I was on the Ping website looking at the pros specs and noticed that many of their guys are going with higher lofts in the G30 and it seems most of them go up.

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Just wanted to ask for advice or tips, before I start playing tug of war with the shaft and head. It took me about a month to get g25 tuned in.

Ping G30 Adjustment Problem

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In terms of pure aerodynamics, a smaller face with a more gradual, elongated, transition to the crown is a adjist more efficient design. I felt like neutral was closed and opening it barely got to neutral. Bill 4 years ago.

PING G30 Driver

I did it myself yesterday, lost 3 balls and 6 strokes gripping and ripping, And I was playing alone. I do like the look and im always a sucker for blue. The only issue I have with the new G series is the copy cat blue accents. I’ve found that playing the ball inside my left heel is the perfect setup and it does not hook.


Which position on the g30 provides the most upright lie? We did some preliminary testing with the G30 side by side vs. In the most basic of terms, Turbulators are a means to improve the overall aerodynamics of the clubhead without compromising on the intended purpose of the design to hit golf balls long and straightor substantially reducing head volume and, as a consequence, dramatically lowering MOI.

Ball went down the middle. The G30 is the most accurate easiest to hit driver ever made. NOT at the hosel, but about 6 inches below the grip! Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.

Ping G30 driver loft question – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

The Best Year for Drivers Ever? Matt 4 years ago. From my perspective, the improvements to sound and feel alone place the G30 significantly ahead of the G Parker 3 years ago. It was I believe in the Caymen Islands. Thanks fellas for the advice.


It has lower torque than the stock shaft and has a stiffer tip to promote a lower trajectory. Posted 02 September – You currently have javascript disabled. It’s pretty straight, for the most part, and a nice even-tempo swing gives the best results.

Give the hosel a little tap and pull the shaft up and out.

While in Florida this winter our group played a y30 nice course and the 4 of us all hit the ball different distances with driver. So take it for the great story that it is and move on. Nov 29, 40 Comments. When you tip trim you are effectively increasing the stiffness of the flex.

What that means is that guys who already swing fast will see more substantial gains than guys with average to below average swing speed. Xdjust log in to reply.