Join the connectors [I, J]. WMF – One-tray paper feed unit – 2. Magnification in the main scan direction is done in the BiCU board, like for book mode. Printer Gamma Correction Printer correction corrects the data output from the IPU to the laser diode to account for the characteristics of the engine components e. As necessary EM C: The machine adjusts the current to the laser diode by comparing it with the reference level from the reference circuit.

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Aficio 1015/Aficio 1018/Aficio 1018D, 1505/1805/1805d, 1508/1808

The machine does not turn off. C R C Clean with water or alcohol. Pry open the plastic holders [A] at each end of the roller, and lift off 18055d image transfer roller [B].

Secure the key counter holder assembly with a screw [L]. Photo images created by dither patterns dots visiblesuch as newspaper photos — normal resolution. If this setting is left at the default 15 sthe motor will stop if the user does nothing for 15s.

Use SP to output a trim pattern pattern Install the two screws [C]. Closed Opened Table 1: Check the magnification ratio. It is therefore necessary to upload the NVRAM data before starting the clear, and then to download the data back after completing the clear. Download from a flash memory card to the BiCU. Adjusts the texture removal level. MTF Filter Adjustment – Edge In order to determine whether a given dot is part of an edge or not, the IPU checks all surrounding dots vertical, horizontal, and diagonal.


There are cutouts in the plug on both sides. The machine erases the software on the card, then writes the new software to the flash memory card.

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The Paper Jam message will appear whenever a duplex copy is made paper hasn’t reached the sensor. The toner density afiicio process is changed see the note below the table. Left lower cover [A]!

North America 16MB standardOthers no standard memory. Remove the duplex transport motor [C]! Lift the upper tray [B] 4. The rear left edge is this value plus 0. The original mode key on the operation panel has two settings, text and photo. Then install the afciio gears 2 to 12 in the same way. Adjust the trays in order: SP applies the correction only to the output from the central CCD elements only, keeping the output from the edge elements constant as the standard.

Nashuatec 1805d

Install the two brackets [A] 1 stepped screw each. The above illustration is the B model. DF Exposure Glass 1.


Place the copier on a strong and level base. However, for each page, the data signal to the laser diode is stopped to match the copy paper length detected by the registration sensor.

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Original does not reach the original exit sensor. By-pass Feed Clutch 9. Original Length Sensors 7. Push the shaft back through the opening, and tilt it up. WMF The following table shows the meaning of each of the displayed values.