These cheap ones are the 2Mb models. As you’d expect from the identical hardware, the Pen Cam takes pictures that look exactly the same as the Palm Cam ones. Apart from the shape, the only real difference between the Pen and Palm cameras is the USB connection. This review’s old; Aus PC Market don’t sell any of these cameras any more. If you want to have the latest versions of device drivers installed in your system, use a special program that will check for driver updates on a daily basis.

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In tethered mode – connected to a computer via USB – the cameras are powered from the computer, and don’t flatten their batteries.

Aiptek Palm Cam – web camera Overview – CNET

We used Avast Antivirus to check the file. The cameras are Windows 98 only, like a lot of cheap USB gizmoes.

The stats for the 2Mb models are less exciting. You could buy about 20 Palm Cams for the price of the CL this shot is massively scaled down ; it’s here to show you what the target actually looks like. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. The circular distortion artefacts in this Palm Cam image click for the full size version are typical.

The Pen Cam also comes with a second clip you can hook onto the back or front of the camera, presumably to put it in a pocket facing forward; the Palm Cam comes with a rather nice wrist strap, which looks capable of keeping safe a much heftier camera than this one. If you’re not making movies, images are saved as plain 24 bit BMPs. Aiptek cameras both have eight megabytes of internal memory, which is quite respectable for an entry level camera, and, you’d think, would give them lots of image capacity.


Get a basic 35mm camera and save up for a scanner, or find a place that’ll put your pictures on Photo CD. For this money, you don’t get no-power-needed Flash RAM storage. No big deal for separate shots, but unsightly in video clips.

We recommend UpdateMyDrivers to all our users. The interface is easy to use, since there are only two resolutions to worry about, and not much else. It’s not rubbishmind you – I’ve seen much worse image quality from webcams.

This isn’t too bad a result, by palmca standards, but it’s hardly suitable for publication. And Microsoft’s NetMeeting as well, but you can download the full version of NetMeeting for free anyway, so that’s not much of a plus.

And there’s the usual manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, as seen with umpteen other cheapo gadgets made cheaper by not having to have a paper manual in the box.

Inside, the Palm Cam seems well enough made, for what it is.

Its image quality is good enough for fun ‘n’ games purposes, there are no expensive memory cards, the plug-and-go USB connection and driver software is simple enough that even quite little kids shouldn’t have much of a problem, and the whole thing’s cheap enough that you’re not going to have to tell your broker to sell the lot if the camera happens to meet a terrible fate. When you transfer the image data to your computer, the frames come over as ordinary stills, but there’s a simple button in the Manager software to save a block of images as an ordinary Windows AVI file, in ascending or descending order.

Aiptek PenCam/PalmCam Trio Free Download

There’s Ulead Photo Explorer, a perfectly all right image organiser-and-manager which you can download for nothing, but this is the “full” version that doesn’t show you adsand Ulead Cooltoo, for making panorama pictures out of lots of separate overlapping shots.

Apart from the shape, the only real difference between the Pen and Palm cameras is the USB connection. Here’s the Hoberman sphere again, now lit only by the W bulb in the middle of the room: Five hours of shooting time wouldn’t amaze me, given that you’re not likely to be walking around with the camera on when it’s memory’s full. There are, according to the specs on the side of the boxes, pxlmcam versions of each of these cameras, one with two megabytes of RAM and one with 8Mb.


Compressed QCIF video is small enough to be transferred over a modem link, and the Aipteks can do 20 frames per second in this mode. Webcams aren’t renowned for multi-megapixel image sizes, and Aiptek’s products are no exception. Home Site map Contact Us Search: Come back, plug the USB cable back in, and the camera runs like an ordinary tethered webcam, except you can download what you shot as well palmdam take new pictures and silent video.

If you actually use the camera, of course, battery life drops.

This resolution at 30 frames per second is a standard videoconferencing video mode, but many webcams, including the Palm Cam, can’t actually capture that high a frame rate. Any half-decent real tripod is likely to cost more than the Palm Cam itself, but you can still put it on one if you like. The cameras both draw about 50 milliamps when they’re on with the memory empty, but the draw rises as you fill the storage, and tops out at more than milliamps with the memory full.