Cognitone and Garritan seem to be on top of things, so after finding those applications, I’m not so concerned about future updates. Professional Performance EWIs are the only choice for serious wind players looking to make music electronically. Michael Neergaard-Holm December 27, So I don’t see anything to do there. Still, nothing beats driving a Moog with the EWI!!! Thanks a lot for the headsup, JayBee!

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As unique of a community us EWI players are, we need to stick together!

Ronnie, I guess misery loves company. Also, now I’m getting sound from Aria out of the Mac’s internal speaker instead of my audio interface. Of course it would be good to be able to use ARIA in general.

I’ve also tested this thoroughly on my end akkai can say that I have ueb been able to replicate this problem on both OS It also doesn’t help that they buried the system requirements, and that the stated requirements are three or four times higher than what is actually needed for something so simple and lightweight. Surprising Affordability Wei, electronic wind instruments have fallen into two different categories: Also, check to make sure the aiai of your computer, speakers, or headphones is high enough.


But then I never understood the average wind controller player’s obsession with “fat synth” type sounds since to my ears they always sounded like ass anyhow.

They are pretty cheap, I snagged a few just in case ASIO4ALL fills that gap opening up Aria and several other audio softwares for use on systems that normally wouldn’t be able to use them.

How does this make you feel? I have been staying on top of the situation.

EWI USB Configuration Software fails on Mac

Good luck, and if you solve this, please let us know. Also, make sure your key delay settings in Aria are correct. You are very welcome!! I have the exact same problem crashes when you go into EWI Configuration.

Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Then reboot the Mac.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Alexandre Enkerli November 25, The latest ARIA version is also still flawless. Log in or Sign up.

You are a saint! But a soundfont player can occasionally come in handy.


EWI USB breaks the price barrier, bringing professional quality, expressive control, and a studio-ready sound library to a price the professional-wind-instrument world has never seen. I tried a lot of ways but it still crashes every time.

We know now that the system requirements have been changed and the software has been mca tested and listed for support on OS Instructions on adjusting transposition settings are located under Performance Controls in the EWI Configuration section.


aoai Official Representatives Corey S Employee. Alternately, you can remove the screw at the top of the mouthpiece, gently pull it off the body, and wash just the mouthpiece in the dishwasher. But that is not convenient.

In my experience, Akai’s software maintenance is seriously lacking. This is only for testing purposes. EJ Koford February 28, Create a new topic About this Problem Corey S Employee February 02,