Cubase Device Setup reports a latency using Alesis Control Panel ‘normal’ setting of around 8mS which is sensationally low. It’s not too noisy unless you really crank the knobs all the way up I don’t think the EQ is particularly precise and I prefer to use those of Cubase, which I think are more precise. Sascha Dobschal January 19, But the great news is that I have discovered a way to make it work anyway! Hey, there is a way to get it running on el capitan.

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Alesis Multimix 8 FireWire Studio Mixer

It did not work, so I reinstalled the driver version 3. This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Thunderbolt-Fire Wire with Alesis IO26, is it work or not?

I’m not surprised your having issues with that OSX. I do not like: Enriquez May 23, Mkltimix latest Mac drivers are not officially supported on Yosemite but a few have been able to get it work. Level money I think the report is excellent. Exactly what I needed!


Alesis Multimix 8 FireWire Studio Mixer | eBay

Joshua Gunty September 09, This review was originally published on http: I hope this helps all you legacy users out there: El Capitan also has had some major kernel rewrites. David Youngs December 05, Sascha Dobschal January 19, Been there, had that disappear.

The EQs do their job in a transparent way. Could this possibly be done? Did you find this review helpful? Thanks for the help!

What exactly do I do with the kext? I have never had compatibility or reliability issues. It might work for you too?

I get no older Mac Version. Hi Guys, so is this hack working on El Capitan? David Youngs and Joshua Gunty, you guys are awesome 1. Anyway, after some minutes I was there So no worries this level l. It traveled and got knocked around plenty in my laptop bag. William Clawson June 09, The power switch is right next to the Phantom Power switch so if you turn it on and hear nothing odds are you hit the wrong power button. In short, it’s ideal for tight budgets who wish to – mix live – record everything on multiple tracks – record rehearsals – and certainly many other applications, which I haven’t tried out.


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I followed the steps you gave, but alfsis is acting no differently. Every iteration of the Multimix 8 after the firewire version has been progressively inferior and bulkierthey don’t even have a USB 2.

Just occurred to me that you don’t actually need to install it on I am selling my Alesis and Mackie firewire mixers as the customer service alesiz both brands can only be described as ‘heartless’! Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only reason you have to go through all of this is because they won’t certify the driver with Apple?