If you would like to PM me I can look at my settings in my laptop and software and see if there is a solution there. Sto interessare anche a questo proposito Find More Posts by bentgear. This seems very strange to me. Find More Posts by goop. A transponder system is a significant purchase, make sure that the system you want to buy is suitable for your purpose, visiting another track might be a good idea to see the system being used.

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Not all these adapters are compatible with the AMBrc. Race software will display the number of hits after a transponder passing 1 to 50mab very low reading may result in cars not being picked up and very high reading may lead to fantom passing’s known as ghosting.


The other system uses transponder type units Called TD-1 xecoder, powered by a free slot in the cars receiver. Originally Posted by Bob Malphurs.

This is a complete guide to installing an AMBrc Detection Loop and mounting rechargeable handout and direct power personal transponders. Copyright bbk Software Ltd This may be seen by many users of AMBrc as a backwards step but I believe that the power requirements of the new decoder are too great for USB.


Do you have a loop wire with the decoder? If you would like to PM me I can look at my settings in my laptop and software and see if there is a solution there. Power and data with one cable! The diagram above shows the way a counting system will be connected Resistor A may not be used.


Find More Posts by bentgear. It only did with this special adaptor that contained some kind of chip.

After the uninstall reboot then plug in the decoder again and when you get the wizard direct it to the folder where you have the USB driver saved. The problem is my PC detects an USB-device but does not have a clue what it is and so, needs drivers for the thing.

Possible that laps free is so free, that the support for the newest decoder is not compatible with your laptop usb drivers. Decodwr a Poll to this Thread.

Find More Posts by JimmyG. Willing to Ship to U. Sign up for a new account in our community. Lots of tracks use them!

Decoder reads all personal transponders except new Pure RC4 with 3 wires. System 20 transponders continually emit a signal, each transponder number has its own frequency so the decoder can identify the car, inside the decoder there is a separate circuit for each transponder number.


AMB RC decoder – R/C Tech Forums

The System 20 decodr this because it can count twenty cars was introduced in the early 90’s, these are no longer made but are available on the second hand market. Sign In Sign Up. RC Scoring Pro lists one on their site that works well. Also, if you decder Windows “found new device” wizard to install a generic driver for the AMBrc it will have to be uninstalled. Is anyone using a amb rc2 decoder with a rs to usb adapter.

Originally Posted by Ed Anderson. Originally Posted by bentgear.

The rc decoder has both. I’ll ask Willy Hermans what this type of chip was, and post it over here. Sign In or Sign Up.

This is the designers choice. Download and run the MSI file. Microsoft Speech API 5. Anyone knows where I could find these drivers?