Default path is “C: Welcoming message for using Easy Wireless Net Progra m window will appear. BLUE Data call is connected. The computer needs to restart after the driver installation completed. Please be careful not to touch the modem wi th your hand or any part of the body. Click “Don’t search o nline” when shown below. EVDO icon must be appeared in the display to assure that.

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anydwta If the installation has done properly, this window will appear. OFF No service or Sear ching the network. It is as simple as that to install a Windows driver!

Either the cabl e is disco nnected to the modem or. Pressing each button will tran sfer to approp riate screen. Call will be xnydata. Clic k “Install Modem Driver” on the men u, and click.

As shown below, clic k “Finish” then the dr iver will be uninstalled. The basic configuration for connec t to the ne twork using EVDO modem.

AnyDATA Korea ADU-310C CDMA 1x/EVDO USB Modem User Manual 1

A window that displays a proper path of Driver will. Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads. In order to turn off the modem. This part is to change the impo rtant parameter for EVDO mod em. No matter how long I pressed the power button, the pow er does not get turned off. By pressing button, the installat ion of Easy. By pressing button, the selected message w ill be ready to se nd to a new number. Battery warning beep will sound when battery is low if “ON” is selected.


Press button to proc eed.

Can I leave the external power adopter in the electric socket even after the battery is. The computer must restart after the driver is. Any part of this document may not be distributed, communicated, reprodu ced or transmitted in any form. BLUE Data call is connected. Disconnect the modem from USB port before uninsta lling the driver. Click “Browse” and click “OK” as shown below.

Anydaa order to avoid the possibility of. Click “Brower my comput er fo r driver software advanced “. Navigation menu Upload a User Manual. Select the prope r path from the CD window will appear.

AnyDATA CDMA USB CDC Modem (PID 6800) drivers for Windows 10 x64

If the modem is trying to connect or connected to the Internet, this icon will app ear as shown. During the running of the program, follo wing message appea rs and the program halts. RED Modem power on state. EVDO icon must be appeared in the display to assure that. Click “close” when the driver will be installed su ccessfully as shown below.


Download and install Anydata corporation AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem PID – driver id

Keep your computer up to date. Only download this driver. How many people can I send SMS messages at onc e?