For further instructions please click on the “How to update” icon in the corresponding row. Please go to https: Then, select one of the cases applies to your situation below. During POST at the beginning of system boot-up, press key, and then a window for boot devices selection appears. Plug the 24 pin power connector on the motherboard without other devices.

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What is the option for? This increases the total bandwidth. Press “F10” to Exit Utility.

For best system stability, please set it back to “Disable” after the SATA driver diskette creating process. Memory asrocm list link: How do I fix it? The drivers are available from following link. Please follow below steps to use WOL function. After restart, press F11 and select Network as the boot device. How to update BIOS? Please try the Realtek latest audio driver.


I can’t format my Samsung hard drive and install OS.

Please refer to ASRock web site for more information. Rename the file to “creative. Key in “drvcfg —s [Drv number] [Ctrl number]” to enter Raid Utility. Please entry the setting, choose your SATA drive as the “1st Drive” and then press “F10” to save the setting and exit.


Press F10 to save the setting and reboot. Where can I get it? What should I do? Any way to fix the problem?

Click “Teaming” item and then press “Create Team” button. Then it will enter the console mode after a while.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Please remove the in-box driver and remove the r LAN driver by following command. What is the requirement to support Intel Optane Memory?

How do I solve it? If you want to hear your voice through Front Adrock, please deselect “Mute” in No. I found two digits or letters changing at the right bottom corner during POST screen. Install latest drivers from ASRock website.


Please install ethtool to enable WOL by following command. Sorry for your inconvenience. Adjusted by setting onboard FID jumpers. Then you can freely enjoy the benefit of Dual Graphics feature. How do I get my onboard LAN to work properly? Information published on ASRock.

This is accomplished by bundling or channeling several ports together and showing them as a single link.