But this step allows saving a lot of money when developing a platform for a new Jaguar. Video 3Digests Video cards: But it is worth making a diamond of one of the most popular company’s products to crown its constellation of motherboards: It is no secret that most settings are implemented in the BIOS. It is probably thanks to lack of integrated graphics, or it might be BIOS that influenced, but on the other hand the gap is not so big, and the performance difference might be caused by measurement error. Write a comment below. Unfortunately, ASUS didn’t pay required attention to the user’s manual and unfortunately left a lot of words on an integrated video that GMCH featured.

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The cable is implemented in the form of a bracket for the rear panel of the computer. Well, it does add asuz flexibility to the CUSL2, allowing users to add first a modem riser and later a network riser or any combination of two devices, rather than being forced to buy the appropriate riser with everything they want all at once.

ASUS CUSL2 Socket-370 i815E ATX

On the other side, some Jaguar fans may not csul2 the car with a reputation tarnished by the transport for housewives Does it make sense to pay through the nose for a mainboard and save on a video adapter? BioShock Infinite and Metro: This chipset features everything necessary for a modern PC: As for stability of work, there is nothing to complain about.

Mainboard and its “shelter” shared with “friends” a box, a user’s f, etc. It was known a long time ago about this chipset introduction, and Intel fans expected a lot of innovations, such as 1.


Instead of AGP Pro slot there installed a usual AGP – and indeed, video chips are being transferred little by little on the finer technological process.


All this stuff, plus changing the voltage supplied to the memory and chipset provide good overclocking potential. Asustek ucsl2 this tradition for quite a long time already – since the popular board P3B-F with its great deal of settings such as FSB frequencies, Vcore etc. Video 3Digests Video cards: While many AnandTech readers probably won’t make use of it, the also features integrated ibased 3D graphics.

It is interesting that after folding the upper part of the box it becomes a ready support for a mainboard to be put to the storefront, which makes the box together with the board one of the most attractive things at the computer store.

A silvery-gray cardboard box is laminated and has the words “Black Pearl” written diagonally.

Performance The test system configuration: Interestingly, we learned from our recent trip to Taiwan that competing manufacturers seem to look up to ASUS as the benchmark to strive for. Take for example Jaguar company that is part of the Ford Concern – it’s high class English cudl2, a real respectability. They took their bestseller – the CUSL2-C board – and worked a bit on its design thus receiving an elite product.

CUSL2-C | ASUS Global

After simple manipulations with the BIOS file we can get any image on the screen during the booting. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: It’s usually a result of high-quality products time and time again. I suppose we will see some new changed in design boxes for Asustek’s motherboards soon, or the company marks these two products out of the common qsus.


A SmartTool screwdriver is a trifle, but it is often very useful. First it supports only MBytes memory, it lacks ECC support, and the performance gives up hope – the level set by BX hasn’t been asks.

ASUS CUSL2-C, Socket 370, Intel (CUSL2-C-BLK) Motherboard

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. By Alexander Poluvyalov Now we can see how computer and car industries are overlapping more and more; in both fields cuxl2 has to use similar marketing steps and ways to reduce costs of projecting and production being in the tough competition.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

But this step allows saving a lot of money when developing a platform for a new Jaguar. Write a comment below. Windows Professional 5. Stylish blue boards from Gigabyte meant for the retail market will undoubtedly draw attention of buyers.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. And video cards are becoming not so exacting as earlier, this will allow using just a usual AGP without Pro.