Visit our network of sites: The sound emanates towards the user. It felt much lighter than the The dimensions of the laptop are I felt that the touchpad was responsive, but I would have liked a slightly larger one.

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The overall battery life is quite poor. The speakers are located at the front of the laptop and face slightly downwards.

Asus F5R Review

As expected, there is a lack of bass. Overall the battery life was not up to my expectations; I would have liked closer to 3 hours of battery life. The dimensions of the laptop are The treble and bass sound good. The palm rests also have a little bit of flex under normal usage.

[ubuntu] Wifi on Asus F5r don’t work !!!! help

As previously mentioned, the keyboard flexes all over, but it does not hinder my ability to type. The keyboard keys feel a little small but they are ergonomically placed.

The Asus F5R is a new Noise from the laptop is extremely minimal. It was just slightly hard to press compared to other laptops.


5fr had AeroGlass on the entire time. The touchpad button is a single bar that has two sensors under it; one for left click and one for right click. The bezel around the screen is black, while the webcam that sits above the screen is silver.

The Asus F5R has a simple silver and black design that is common amongst consumer style notebooks. As you can see, the dimensions are very similar. The keyboard is black with white lettering which has a touch of grey. I found the Core Duo processor be a little outdated in terms of the current technology and speed. The program offers many great new features compared to the previous program. I felt that the touchpad was responsive, but I would have liked a slightly larger one.

Just be aware nearby people wan notice it and look at you. The laptop is quite cool, even after several hours of use. The sound emanates towards the user. It felt much lighter than the I lifted it and moved it around and it definitely felt lighter than most other Overall I feel that the screen is satisfactory for normal users. It takes two hands to open the laptop with the latch design it has. There is a reasonable amount of flex f5d the entire notebook, it did not wlwn my ability to type and use the keyboard.


The laptop has a very simple look to it, certainly basic and unsophisticated. They will provide the driver, recovery, media discs, and other accessories that are typical for Asus notebooks. The Asus F5R has a Some of the other notebooks users shopping for the F5R may want to look at in this target market are:.

Asus F5R laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

The keys do make an audible click sound when pushed, but I would still feel comfortable using the laptop in a library or school setting. The touchpad looks a little outdated in terms of style, but my finger does glide across it nicely.

The horizontal viewing angles are good; they are roughly degrees on both sides. The lid is silver with a small indentation for some extra styling.