You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. This sounds like it’s not an isolated incident, and no, changing the clock doesn’t do anything but roll the dice on how noisy the signal is. Retina MBP are you using the af12 on the retina mbp? Thu Oct 11, 5: I have one of these and I keep it around as a back up and when I go out of my home and still want to record. In theory none of this should matter but the goal is isolation so try to remove as many variables as possible before starting.

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Echo AudioFire 2: post your experiences here | NI Community Forum

Most of the card: Fri Oct 26, audiofre The Echo Audio Fire 2 is a very tiny device that can be used almost anywhere in audioifre situation. Anyone have any suggestions for a plan of how to troubleshoot? You’ve already trying system tuning and driver upgrades, so I’d suggest the following approach: Thu Oct 11, 2: Still can’t figure this out.


Sat Oct 13, 5: In contrast to the pop, acoustic, classical, or for stereo miking concerts, choirs, etc. Reinstalling drivers, multiple tests, nothing.

Recording In is the issue. Cool, looking forward to your comments.

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Tue Oct 30, 8: But anyway, since i am interested in geting an Audiofire 12 myself i did a bit of goggling on Audiofire related issues and found this, which seems a bit similar to the issues you are having https: Wed Oct 31, 5: After a long search on the site of Echo, I came across this page: Tue Oct 30, 2: No need to manual so it’s simple.

I’d also consider removing any USB devices as well. I tried setting the clock to the mac, setting each AF12 as master I have them tied to each other via BNC and the second one is set to external clock.

Cumbersome and not the top. On of the more useful things I learned from Presonus tech support during that experience was their optimization techniques for OSX.

Ableton Forum • View topic – Mac, Audiofire 12, Ableton Input crackles

Failed to operate the monitoring of Traktor to send a single track on the headphones So no problem within 5ms.


Sun Oct 17, 2: Alors rpeter afternoon, the recess. This is what I asked; Hi there. Sun Nov 04, 2: I think I’ve just about talked myself in to buying one of these! You Will need a motherboard with one of the Following chipsets” Below is a list of a dozen chipsets while there may be I may send in my AF12, but even Marcel said it will be very hard to figure out unless it’s constant. Any have any more suggestions for a plan of how to troubleshoot? She screwed up some recording 96Khz Click audio, jumpsI took him by repeating and bache read it on a loop in the middle of the reboot 44Khz.

Just got off the phone to the guy, he wouldn’t budge, so I think I’m gonna let it go.

But, much like dafragsta, changing the buffer up or down seems aufiofire a crap shoot at best. I’ve just fired off an email. Ah, and then I forgot: