You may also like. Reply September 12, Jim. Cambridge Audio and Musical Fidelity were about to launch DACs for the budget hifi market that would later become benchmarks in their class. Ryan of Maverick Audio must surely concede some similarity in the his products feature set when sat next to the Beresford. Reply February 1, Svertel. Awesome Jerry you know great kit when you hear it excellent vfm.

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What Hi-Fi?

The current range of high-end consumer DACs chips go up to 32 bit, but only kHz oversampling. Reply October 26, Mike.

If our listeners are to be believed, it seems to be better with music that has a relatively straightforward texture. This beresfoord the DAC to also be used as a preamp in a digital-only system as long as a reasonably sensitive power amplifier is used. Outputs are generous too, with the obvious fixed-level line output joined by a variable output controlled by a traditional volume control behind the front-panel knob and a headphone output.

DAC2 DX is installed beresforv a socket.

Beresford TC Review

Last time I checked with Styleaudio, they haven’t replied to their emails for a while. Beresford Capella Headphone Amplifier. Reply October 24, Reply February 3, Pavel. Hi Andy deffo worth looking at newer models. A generous signal headroom overhead, low noise circuitry, and high output current ability are key factors that make the headphone output on the Caiman SEG a major talking point with existing owners.


The last one I bought, the Musiland, doesn’t work with my Mac.

I have cauman the Music Streamer 2 and although calman quality was great, I did not find the additional cost to be worth the very slight increase if any, compared to my intergrated soundcard. DAC2 DX even comes with op-amp rolling capability, so that should be a lot of fun. Also the size is rather big. Reply October 26, Having an abundance of digital input is very useful as it allows the TC DAC to be connected to up to four sources simultaneously.

Beresford Caiman | TechRadar

Reply September 3, Mike. External DC power supplies are a known source of RF noise.

These simple design steps deliver a more entertaining natural and warm sounding analogue playback that revealing calman High-End audio amplifiers and speakers would greatly benefit from. I believe Stan has a 30 day try before you buy anyway so nothing to lose on that front.

Interesting for me as well. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: Any thoughts on how this stacks up against Burson HAD or other higher-end units? Does this suggest that it’s got rather limited musical tastes? Great wee review by the way. High Current Class A-B headphone circuit The Caiman MKII headphone amplifier circuit is designed to drive even the latest high-end headphones and reproduce musical detail that these headphones are capable of.


Beresford TC-7520 “Caiman” DAC

After languishing since the mids, the consumer DAC market began to blossom again in late Just wondering if it’s worth looking at newer models. The all new discrete transistors audio buffer adds an extra level of ebresford to the sound of the headphone and pre-amplifier output.

Next up a few beersford through the cd player now i am no expert in describing or analysing sound but all i can say is i thank my sweet lord that i no longer take mind altering substances because there would be no coming back OUCH!!!!

Just needs some refinement to it.

Intona X USB 2. This faiman uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is as flexible a DAC as the money can buy. Awesome Jerry you know great kit when you hear it excellent vfm.