There seems to be a lot of people going around Thinking that they’re something they’re not Trendy little Lefties playing at big boys Trying to put us on the spot. They riot on the British streets, they’re burning down our land But the fools in government put money in their hands Give them money, give them jobs, ignore the British Whites We won’t stand and watch our land be taken without a fight Nigger nigger out out! I saw our people proud and free No more traitors I could see No more lies to make us slaves Freedom brought a brave new world. People don’t you understand? We stand alone, for this land. Is it the immigrants fault that British law is written as it is?

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No one knows what it’s like to the bad man To be the sad man, behind blue eyes No one knows what its like, to be baited To be slated, for telling you no lies. I tried to come to terms with what has happened through the years But I still think that it is wrong That a land that once was proud and free and cared for all its own Now cares more for the ones who don’t belong, don’t belong. White rider, white rider, your strength is your pride White rider, white rider, you’ll stand, never hide White rider, white rider, your flag is your voice You scorn the conscripted, you’re fighting through choice Your flags are unfolded, salute them with love To fight for your race is a gift from above Some fools will oppose you, true men will stay loyal But the victory shall be ours for the blood and the soil You feel love for your people, disdain for the fools The enemy’s led by the zionist’s tools You fight for your race which shall be proud and free And the only reward that you crave is victory WHERE HAS JUSTICE GONE?

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Spent in the rain, with so much pain Why can’t the sun, come breaking through? Being patriotic’s not the fashion so they said To fly your country’s flag’s a crime Society tried its best to kill you From this desert of destruction and despair, once more to the fore in his nation’s hour of need We’ll stand and we’ll fight, ’til the last man and woman And we won’t give an inch of our national pride And we’ll fight and we’ll beat them, ’til we finally defeat them Come on all you lads hear the patriots’ call Come on all you lads hear the patriots’ call.


People don’t you understand? One day if suddenly, they take my life away Will you still be fighting to win a bright new day? Walking down the subway, on the weekend, after a good night out on the town…. He’s out there every single morning Talking ’bout his new day that is dawning.

Blood of The Kings Lyrics

I don’t like you I don’t like you I don’t like you anymore ! Try and get you banned from everywhere ‘Cos you wear your boots and you cut your hair They would rather see you in a dirty old Afghan If skrewxriver were a Left-wing hippie, you won’t face no ban.

So often everyday, if there’s off problem turn away Apathetic, don’t care, that’s an attitude everywhere Gotta wake up, get involved, when there’s a problem get it solved Come on people, right the wrongs, believe me now we ain’t got long. Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us, and urge us on that we regain the national state Voice of britain He asked me why?

Sent a tape, got our contract, made us all so glad Then you started messing ’round with us, now life’s just bad. Turning racial profiling inside out, Skrewdriver maintains that the police unfairly treat skinheads based on their appearance.

Oh Europe, high in honour, sacred lands of faithfulness? Reicher Mann, armer Mann, das ist doch yhe [Rich man, poor man, you are both equal] Es kostet kein Geld, es its fur jeden da [It costs not money, it’s just there]. Once we were proud men, and now we’re down on our knees We have let them take over, and now they do as they please What’s it gonna take, to light that spark of pride And if our courage does not waken, we’ll be taken for a ride.

Did they play the death march as they lowered you down? As we look to the lyrica, and hope that our kin survive All we can do now, is pray for them all.

The time is gonna come when you have to account for your lies Whether you tell the truth must depend on the price You ruin somebody’s life and then it’s back to the bar Nothing else matters but expenses and your company car. At the end of the brother war, the pain was so much more Skrewdrover the instigators stage-managed the dying, Das Sterbend And they tried to take your life, back in But I hope that the spirit once again is rising Aufstand.


When the north wind blows, the doubts will linger no longer When the north wind blows, the message makes us stronger When the north wind blows, the chill breeze brings us strength When the north wind blows, there’s no more sitting on the fence. Not placing blame where it is due, which is on those who create a system, not those who operate within it by the law, goes against bliod lawful society Skrewdriver is looking for.

Did the band play the Last Post and chorus? You stand in the middle of the road, you follow no creed or code You don’t know just where your going Your mind is in turmoil, your blood begins to boil You don’t like the way that the river’s lydics.

Well some say I’m wrong now, others say that’s just me Some don’t like our songs now, I guess it’ll always be It’s been such a long, long, time yeah, a’since I knew right from wrong It’s all just a means to and end now, I keep a’moving along. Walking ’round the streets and wondering what to do????????

Listen commie, listen well, you’re gonna end up in your own Red hell! Comrades, the voices of the dead battalions, Of those who fell, that Europe might be great Join in our song, for they still march in spirit kinhs us And urge us on that we gain the national state Chorus The streets are still, the final battle has ended Flushed with the fight, we proudly hail the dawn See over the streets, the white man’s emblem is waving Triumphant standards of skreedriver race reborn Blood of our blood, spirit of our spirit Sprang from that soil, for who’s sake they bled Against the vested powers, Red front, and massed reaction We lead the fight for freedom and for bread Hail the new dawn!

The leaders that do not care, how you or your family fare Wealth’s the only thing that they all look to Your heritage will be sold, for favours and alien gold If you knew the things that they are up to, and they’re up to. Warlord, the power’s in his hands, Warlord, savior of this land!