May 31, 37 XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! And I know this has been asked before, but please release your source code so this app can be further developed and improved. Hence the keyboard stayed in the pairing state and does not “know” and would not connect to the tablet. It doesn’t show up as a selection in language and input.

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BlueInput – Use your Bluetooth mouse with Windows Mobile

With this, I can only surmise that there is something missing from the Android 2. So far I haven’t heard back. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. Back to the BT setup, still shows “paired but not connected” and bpueinput kb’s “not connected, paring mode” light is still flashing.

Tried with a Huawei S7 tablet running Android 2.

BlueInput – Use your Bluetooth mouse with Windows Mobile – Coolsmartphone

It is a motorolla kz I finally replaced my aging Optimus V with a new Optimus Slider. Sent from my Desire HD using xda app-developers app. Finally I can use it again after a year and a half of it sitting on the shelf!


Unofficial TWRPs for devices without source code. Might have to wait for the developer for advice. The same thing will not work on the nexus 7.

BlueInput: The Bluetooth HID driver Google forgot to include | Jason Bayton

They said to resend it because the first one didnt have the info. This actually would turn off the keyboard pairing LED and achieve correct pairing, and the keyboard then works with the tablet. Can’t find it right now using a phone but its like 3 files and B,ueinput had to use the command line every time I wanted to connect my gluetooth to the keyboard.

As BV stated, just use BT. Did you try getting it to work first without the app?

[APP]Bluetooth Keyboard Easy Connect

It disconnects before I can use it. I used blue input demo app to connect it on my nook color with cm7. Download our Official Android App: The search is over.

Keyboard is this one: Simple, direct and do what need to do, just like a progam need to be. The app works well.

This is equivalent to the issue on the nookcolor. I would say there might be an issues with your keyboard that makes it disconnect.


If I had the money right now id just buy another keyboard.

Can’t seem to turn the service off! Maybe we could achive it together. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Other than that its great Blutooth can type on my phone!

I’m willing to provide you every necessary information like log files etc Thanks in advance and kind regards, Stefan P. May 14, 3, 1, May 31, 37 On nexus 7 without software it connects after bljeinput in the number code but wont show up under language and input as a selection.

Hence the keyboard stayed in the pairing state and does not “know” and would not connect to the tablet.