Although we list “cycle time” the minimum time between successive exposures in our camera data sheets, we don’t normally cover it explicitly in the camera reviews themselves. This mode virtually insures that you won’t have to worry about your subject blinking just as you click the shutter. Free MP3 of the Day Argy can move a dance floor of sweaty bodies with house music without resorting to the hands-in-the-air syncopated beats that often have wailing house divas behind them. Of course, the answer is no — the camera can’t read your mind. Image Review Once you’ve taken one or more pictures, you can view them on the LCD panel by flipping the back-panel switch to “Play.

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Its resolution measured-out at about line pairs per picture height in both horizontal and vertical directions.

The white-balance circuitry would see that the flash was being used though, and adjust the color balance as if the scene was lit only by the flash. At closest approach, it captured an area as small as 4. Up to 32 such images can be captured at 0. How many times have you set the camera up for a self-timer shot, and then discovered that someone blinked when the cazio went off?

You end up with a total of four images, corresponding to the two “past” images, the one immediately 7770 you pressed the shutter, and one more 0.

Casio QV-770

The QV’s macro lens setting performed well: In the QV, Casio has casuo this concept farther, now allowing you to capture entire “movies” of as many as 32 frames, taken at 0. In a crowd, you can hold the camera over your head and still see what you’re shooting. The final “rapid exposure” mode is “Continuous” recording, in which pictures are taken about caso second, as long as the shutter button is held down, and there’s space available in memory.


In practice though, we found the steps between compensation levels weren’t uniform, sometimes making it difficult to achieve exactly the exposure we were trying for. Image Review Once you’ve taken one or more pictures, you can view them on the LCD panel by flipping the back-panel switch to “Play.

Casio QV-770 (1998)

Once we became accustomed to the freedom offered by the swiveling lens, we loved the convenience, and the opportunities it provided for candid shots. To review your images more quickly, you can switch to a 4-up or 9-up index display via the “menu” button.

Pressing the shutter begins playback after a slight delay, and the casoo slowly scrolls back and forth across the captured image. Memory The QV stores images on 4 megabytes of internal non-removable memory. This is a very wide range, and extends quite a bit lower than most other digital cameras.

In addition to the short-interval timed-exposure modes, the QV also includes a familiar self-timer, in which the camera counts down for either 10 or 2 seconds before taking the picture. The ability to achieve such good alignment between shots makes the final stitching process much easier, and reduces the likelihood you’ll have visible seams in your final panorama. We found we could avoid this using any of three methods: Would you cqsio up driving for a sexy, electric bicycle?

What happens instead is that, when operating in “past” mode, the sensor and camera electronics run all the time, constantly grabbing frame after frame, one new image every 0.

Casio QV Manuals

Casio QV – digital camera Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The built-in automatic flash has a specified working range of 2. In the case of the QV though, we feel it deserves special mention, since it is so fast compared to other popular cameras. Direct sunlight can swamp the illumination of the backlight, making them hard to read. This has proved to be somewhat of a mixed blessing for the manufacturers though, in that they are wrongly blamed for fuzzy images that often are the fault of the photographer.


Perhaps most interesting is the “past” mode, in which the camera continuously scans the scene, capturing an image every 0. Color accuracy on the QV was quite good, with good saturation relative to other units we’ve tested.

With their QV and QV models, we suspect we are once again seeing Casio pioneer features that will become popular across the market. Basic camera operation and connectivity is provided by Casio’s own QV-Link application for both Mac and Windows platforms.

PhotoDeluxe includes the greatest number of “guided activities,” and the most fonts and project templates, while Ixlaphoto includes “album” organization capabilities, tools for business presentations, 7770 the ability to create simple web pages.

Casio QV – digital camera Overview – CNET

Alternatively, you can manually select a fixed white balance to compensate for incandescent, fluorescent, or daylight lighting. This will hold 30 images in “fine” mode, 60 in “normal” mode, and in “economy” mode. Qb the QV lacks the time-lapse capability of the QV, it adds two new and interesting modes: