Hi in your profile there are not any deleted contacts. Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. Please check if you have correctly set visibility of contacts. Enter you email to subscribe. Mar 4, Review by Joshua Tedric Kagahastian.

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CloudFone ICE e Hard Reset

I agree Learn more. Accidentally my contacts are deleted from servers too. We will contact you directly via support email. Advanced Search for Mobile Phones. You can Hard Reset your mobile in Recovery mode.

3500e is just synchronizing my Gmail contacts. Hi, when you delete items from blocked account it can take tens of minutes until your account is unlocked.

Please note that Hard Reset delete all your data from your mobile. Poor camera clodfone and lack of camera featuring including flash light suffers the users but mobile TV has brought them to great entertainment source.

If you want to remove PhoneCopy contacts from your Windows Phone cellphone, do following: How can i restore my sms. Hi I am having exactly the same problem of clourfone phone contacts being shown when I have over contacts.

Cloudfone Ice 350e – Full Smartphone Features, Specs, Prices

Hi I have done backup and synchronize all my contacts Pls can be the problem, and what’s the solution? Please show me steps. You can select single directional sync in the PhoneCopy. I reset my phone before some days Sell this product Cloudfone Mobile Phones Pricelist.


CloudFone ICE 350e Hard Reset

With normal x pixels resolution, 3. We will contacts you via email ad 2 In the application settings you can select which data sources you are looking to synchronize. You may also like I have got my contacts back up thru phonecopy but i cann’t restore my sms. Download our latest android application and confirm prompt message when you will be asked for SMS sync.

CloudFone E – Handset Detection

Hi, sorry, but currently we don’t synchronize Call Logs. The corners of the Smartphone are design pocket friendly and rounded in order to give it a smooth and sharp shape.

Hi I’m done with backup. Does not support Nexus 5 Marshmallow. Hi phone copy shows 0 contacts when I have over in my phone.

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Hello, i just downloaded and sync my tecno phantom unto phonecopy, what i needed to do was to backup and save my contact which i hope phone copy can do However, what i got was that all my sms was backedup, but instead of my phone contact backup, it was my gmail contact that was clohdfone. Hi, it is not export it is synchronization. You can use PhoneCopy app to backup contacts and SMS, then you can delete PhoneCopy app and you will have data accessible via online profile on www.

Now cloudfonne checked the profile and it is not blocked anymore. P6, Phablet, Smartphone, Andr