Basically, I use 4 calls for the sample application – Acquire the interface, release the interface, read data from the interface, and write data to the interface. The format of these transmissions is:. Correct, sorry I forgot to add that: Other useful documentation and links Dan Suthers’ protocol. An X transmission from the PC to the interface typically refers to the communication of a Housecode and Device Code combination or the transmission of a function code.

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November 16th, This is also true of the CSS which I’ve taken a few short cuts with. That module now shows up on the Web page, but nothing happens when I try to control it even after editing the sudo user file as described in step In file included from cm15ademo.

The encoding format for these codes is as follows:. This should momentarily bring up a new application on your screen.

Guide: Web-based control of X10 Home Automation (CM15A) on Ubuntu Linux

I wonder what the future of home automation will be? Address not Found Any ideas?

Unfortunately, I still recommend using a command line interface to compile the drivers and the interface, so get to know the Terminal application within the GUI under the Ubuntu OS menubar: December 9th, I do know that the version shipped with HS3. Unfortunately I am no longer using this technique to automate my home and it has been sometime since I last touched oinux.

  MS 6553 V1 DRIVER

But I am able to quickly click the buttons, and turn lights on, off and dim in succession. X10 saying it’s ok to post this stuff! By apache user, you mean www-data user?

Guide: Web-based control of X10 Home Automation (CM15A) on Ubuntu Linux – Something Interactive

It just expands our world a little. I really need to double check the information contained in this document. The following information is taken from the x This allows him to turn the lights on and off from a remote control. There are lots on linux users that are waiting expectantly for the cm15a drivers.

That means that we need on Linux this SDK running. Cm15a will send 0xA5’s repeatedly if clock needs to be set respond with following buffer to set clock.

Preamble: Web-based control of X10 Home Automation (CM15A) on Ubuntu Linux

Now I’m thinking I may purchase a CMA module, but I’m concerned ccm15a X10 WT is not holding up their promise to feed information to the users community about how their systems work. I seem to recall the addresses starting at and incrementing by 32 bytes each time. The compiler will create a new file called cm15ademo within the same directory as the source files.


It was driving me nuts as I would get a 5D xx xx xx Ill figure out where to add the code I have it at startup right now, but that isn’t enough and I’ll post the fix.

Well I’ve also been contacted by other vendors and I have their info.

The Terminal screen will then change content that takes up the entire Terminal window. Click here for my article that outlines the steps involved to getting this to work.

Activex is a Microsoft invention and as far as I can see there is no way of running Activex under Mono. This work was done by Edward Cheung, Ph. To do this begin typing this at the Terminal command prompt:. So I added a module directly in the database using phpmyadmin. Only 2 are secure, mine and 1 other neighbor.

The RF command seems to break the ‘ID, count, type, data’ format and appear to use a different format.