The company remains focused on creating strong and successful brands that will be recognized globally as market leaders. These default settings can be changed temporarily when printing from Windows-based applications. It compensates for the different color spaces of color printing systems. Print assembly marks Select this option to print numbers at the edges of each sheet, matching numbers on adjoining sheets. Color models offer these features plus Color adjustments. The name can be up to 32 characters in length. The quality and effectiveness of the printed and photocopied security watermark is dependent on the particular printing system and the settings used.

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After every [–] sheets Select this option to divide the document into sets, with a specified number of sheets in each set, then staple each set separately.

Copystar CS-2550 Manuals

Installing The Hard Disk option The actual key sequence may differ depending on the printing system model. You can add or delete command file names in the list, or select a file to edit.

The Left option may not be available, depending on your Orientation and Print on both sides settings in the Basic tab. Staple and Separation features cannot be used together.


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Power Source Pcb Booklet printing is available for printing system models equipped with a duplex unit. Select 3 x 3 to print a poster 9 times larger than the original. Although the Page insert and Cover mode may be used simultaneously, they cannot be combined with Transparency interleaving described in Transparency Interleaving on page Monochrome Imaging mode that uses black toner only.

Abnormal Noise Is Heard Then, from the Print dialog box open Properties. Only one profile can be exported at a time.

For restrictions see Finishing chapter. If selected, the background is the most visible part, creating an outline around the text which makes the text appear white. If the watermark 250 in the list is one of the standard security watermarks, the Delete button is disabled.

When printing using the collate option, specify the number of copies not to exceed the number of trays. Selecting a file enables the insertion point options for that file in the dialog box.

Coopystar Feed Section For example, a finisher and a booklet stitcher cannot be used at the same time.

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The Microsoft Windows XP Firewall settings can be changed to allow communication between the printing system and your computer. Auto Configuration is not supported for Microsoft Windows Select a save location from the Save in list.


ID Card Printers and Systems. Pattern Scaling Adjust the pattern scaling to improve visual compatibility between screen and print output. Printing with Covers For your document’s front cover or front and back covers, you can insert and print on paper that is a different weight or color than the paper for the body of the document.

Unpacking And Installation This prevents unauthorized personnel from changing the administrator settings.

Copystar CS Manuals

It generates the following message: Punch The Punch feature is available on printing systems with an optional finishing device installed. Name and save the profile. To exit the dialog copysar without saving the watermark, click Cancel. Click the Device Settings tab, and select Hard disk.

Kyocera has a vision to continuously deliver through its employees who are committed to work enthusiastically and are determined xopystar achieve their goals. When these options are used with the MP tray, cassette mode the default settingmust be set.