They’re rare, but you can sometimes find them on eBay. What speed is your XPi? Also, try to avoid leaving them dormant for any long period of time. So I only visit a few sites when I am on the net. Therefore, it is not a standard Serial KBD.

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Ssound addition, you can connect external drives or older scanners to the SCSI port although I have never tried this. Jan 20 – I’m not really thinking of upgrading it for the reason that it is just a machine for tinkering around in.

Second-hand Dell portable laptop

How much does the XPi CD weigh? Do you know if it will work with Pro Edition, where I won’t have to use the ce boot disk very slowand can you get yours to boot from CD? Back to top Why can’t I shut down my XPi properly? If anyone has benchmarks of the earlier XPi’s or of similar laptops or PCs, please e-mail me, and I will post them here. Where can I find them if not? Buy several batteries and rotate their use. The Linksys PC Card I just recieved 2 of them one p, another pand was wondering what I can do to upgrade?


There are 7 steps from minimum to maximum brightness. Can the XPi CD use bit network cards?

Suspend-to-disk also called S2D or hibernation mode saves whatever you were doing to the laptop’s hard drive, and thus does not require xoi it shuts off the laptop.

You can usually find them on eBay.

Dell Latitude Xpi CD User Manual | pages

Hopefully I can remember how it was setup for sound Is it worth saving money to get the Mhz XPi instead of the ? A tap on the keyboard wakes it up, and this happens almost instantaneouly.

Do you know the cheapest place to get this old ram? May I suggest Winamp 2.

Dell Latitude Xpi CD User Manual

Here’s what you need to get S2D to work on your laptop: The CPi models can use either 64 or meg chips. I wouldn’t recommend dropping or kicking it, mind you – however, this laptop will certainly be able to handle the normal wear-and-tear of life on the road better than most.

The BIOS is not up to date. EXE, then reboot and you are good to go! I name all of my computers.


The network is accessing your laptop and using up precious CPU cycles. Skip to main content. It also contains an extra PS2 port which allows you to use both an external mouse and keyboard.

Dell Latitude XPi CD

Try increasing the buffer to see if that improves playback. My iBook went down as of this typing and is now in need of reinstall. Therefore, it is not a standard Serial KBD. What is the difference between standby and suspend-to-disk?

Along with the standard 3mm of travel, the keys have that subtle “click” feeling that lets you know whether or not you missed a stroke.

And you can buy a lot of RPG stuff from there. They’re rare, but you can sometimes find them on eBay.