So you have some sources and libraries that are assembled into a. JDBC is oriented towards relational databases. Post as a guest Name. This post was updated on. Normally, they are in my classpath:

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Email Required, but never shown. People who voted for this. ClientDriver When I test the connection I get the following error message: Make sure you have the local training services running: I’m not certain whether the hive client cclientdriver operate with the hiveserver2, as opposed to the beeline client.

‘Unable to load the JDBC driver org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver’ when running the JKE Sample

It takes care of tedious and error-prone low-level details such as handling transactions, cleaning up resources, and correctly handling exceptions. In reply to this post by Tadrierion You download the relevant jar file from the derby project page and you put it into your Java classpath. I’m also going through the install of HDP 2. This experience causes concerns that when I go to build the production cluster on Linux that i will have to deal with similar issues.


If not, then you can worry about finding another way to optimize it. In my standalone application I don’t think it will be quite that easy.

Maven Repository:

Uh, what makes you think we can just magically produce download links? I verify in the library if the driver is here: Hi there, You are probably using derby. Are you sure you can’t use “org.

Or am I misunderstanding how createDataContext works in that it is already managing the pool of connections will only establish a new connection when the requests exceed the number of already established until the ConnectionPool limit is reached.

I don’t have any.

The instantiated class is filled with database records from the CARS table. I’m going to wikify your answer.

I launch two servers: I tried to do the same things but on the same computer, and I have the same error. Derby has a small footprint around 2MB.

Maven Repository: ยป derbyclient

One project on the client with all generated classes and one main class which connect to the server. Search everywhere only in this topic.


Expand your skills and network with other MuleSoft Developers. Oct 31, at Jetty Server and Derby Server.

Embedded and client/server JavaDB programming

Hi, I have solved my problem. You download the relevant jar file from the derby project page and you put it into your Java classpath.

However new student files are available, released on the 20th of June. And I thought it was just me! Details Below 3 Answers. I see the below error message when looking at the Hive logs. I have added the jar file from the student files and added it to my build path. You can notify a user about this post by typing username.