The biggest problem I have is not the driving of the car, but leaving it unattended for any period of time. Are you secretly ashamed? Just a beautiful execution of passion and craftsmanship especially the stripes. I found myself heading out into the desert a lot with it. I’m hoping folks who consider these cars might happen upon this post and others and see another point of view from Owner’s on what they might expect from their ownership experience. I’ve just gotten very frustrated with the media and some of the YouTube reviews. Want the motor to be happy?

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I was more worried about the interior than the exterior.

All Your Questions About Daily Driving A Dodge Viper, Answered.

Want a mod that makes your car faster? And you cannot get cooled seats.

Last edited by ViperTony; at At the bottom the door almost hits your butt. I never want to exit anyway.

Neither is awful for me, but the first week or so I had a terrible neck ache from anxiously stretching to look over the hood. At the end of the week, Hot Rod Garage host, Tony Angelo, and I managed to fit all our gear into the back, and I offered him the keys for the drive to the airport.


No speed bumps, but I went slow and angled. I thought I would doddge like a rich jerk, but the car is so unusual that I car more like a space alien. Did it try to bite? Vipers are capable of being daily driven that’s for sure.

Originally Posted by City.

Daily Driven Viper

I knew the day was coming. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I recommend that instead of checking the oil when you fuel up, every day when you park it, raise your hood to remind you to check and probably add oil before your next drive.

Throwing caution, and perhaps my last ounce of reasonable doubt to the wind, I pull out of line and hammer the throttle as much as I dare, blasting past ten, then twenty, then fifty crawling Vipers at a whopping mph, fingers crossed that the cops still zooming down the street in the far lane will ignore my lack of decorum until I can regain my position at the front of the pack.

Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting. Now that spring is here I hope to get mine out more. Log in to Reply. To push the clutch in, I fodge to have my knee up against the dash.

I did a mile round trip on Friday, 4 hours each way to meet someone for 30 minutes. No golden trinket caused this meltdown. In between commuting to the dragstrip, I also used the Viper dailt normal activities, like finding the best pie dailu the area Achatz Pies in Beverly Hills, MIcreeping it nervously through a thunderstorm, and teaching one of our video guys how to drive stick he did real good, no clutches harmed.


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Tamer even than a porsche But mash the pedal to the floor and it sings opera from idle vier redline. Keep it over 3, RPM and let it sing. I for sure thought about what a tossed tire tread would do to me. I DD mine, and totally agree with your thoughts. Results 1 to 25 of I get pissed off whenever its dirty so I try and drive it no more than 2 times per week or so. I have to sit really far forward, which makes getting in and out hard, and certain shifts are hard because of the angle of my shoulder.

With that intro, let me turn it over to Benjamin Hunting, who took the Voodoo to the closing of Conner Assembly plant—the nest where Vipers are hatched. You must be logged in to post a comment.