Rigol is a Chinese electronics instrument manufacturer who has been around for only a few years. Useability The DSE series is certainly easy to use, the knobs and buttons do what you would expect and you can quickly focus on the detail that you are looking for. Specifications The specifications for the DS series are included in the user manual which you can download from the Rigol website here. Then I found your post, followed your steps and everything just worked out. The options in this department are extensive to say the least – you can trigger on the normal rising and falling edge of a signal but also on various rise times, pulse widths, video characteristics and more. I am happy to say that the Rigol has none of that, the response is visually instantaneous.

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Because this is a digital oscilloscope it serids display a dotted horizontal line illustrating the trigger level as you adjust it and this makes it easy to see exactly at what point of the waveform you are triggering on. Comment HTML not allowed. This video will show you what I mean.

Then someone, who paid no attention to seris user experience, selected a particularly noisy fan. The image on the right is a full sized example of a screen dump the purple trace is the maths function showing the difference between the two channels.

Didnt work for me either: This means that you must select the channel before you can adjust its sensitivity or position on the screen. Xeries, April 02, An issue that the early digital oscilloscopes seemed to have was a delay between turning a knob or pressing a button and the instrument responding.


RIGOL DS1000 Series Oscilloscope

But, if you get in quick, you could get a very cheap MHz digital oscilloscope. There is also a jitter in the least significant bit of the ADCs that is present at all sensitivities and sweep speeds but again it is small and not a great concern. With the ongoing march of technology hopefully we will find that 8 inch screens with full VGA resolution will become the standard in the future and that would be just about perfect.

Inside the DSE it is mostly empty space with the switched mode power supply taking up more space than everything else. As it is, rather than figure out what channel is currently under control, I just push the button for the channel that I want and then adjust the knobs.

RIGOL Technologies, Inc.

This is not intended as a criticism of the Rigol but a larger screen with a higher resolution would be much easier to work with. There is a version of the DS series which includes a 16 seriees logic analyser.

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This blog is Powered by: Very good… It has a couple of annoyances but it is a joy to use a powerful instrument that you can trust. My interest was recently renewed in getting the Ultrascope software to work on my computer so i decided to give it another go. This is serids value for a digital storage oscilloscope with these specifications, it is encroaching onto the territory owned by Tektronix and Agilent This causes another usability issue in that these same channel select buttons are also used to display the menu for the channel or cause the channel to be tuned off.


This time, I succeeded!

Two channels plus an external trigger input. Rigol is a Chinese electronics instrument manufacturer who has been around for only a few years.

Rigol DS Case High Quality Nylon Oscilloscope Case (BAG-DS1000)

I found the remote control just as difficult to use as other USB oscilloscopes but the ability to download data and, more particularly, screen shots is very useful. Rigol DS Series and Windows 7, 64 bit. The issue is that the fan is far more noisy than it should be, about twice as loud as my computer which has three fans. I haven’t quite figured out the sequence yet so when I press a button to select a channel for adjustment I sometimes find that the menu has popped up or worse, the channel has disappeared altogether.

The build quality is good, the buttons and knobs are slick and, for the most part, everything works perfectly.

Mostly the menus and the options are easy to understand but some selections invoke a second menu layer and that can get confusing. This worked, where downloading the driver from Rigol did not work Display and Triggering The stability of the trace is excellent. About ush only issue in the usability department is the fact that only one set of vertical adjustment knobs sensitivity and position are available for both channels 1 and 2. In an instrument as sophisticated as this a temperature controlled fan would have been an absolute doddle to implement.