I agree however that the page needs more structure to separate the different areas of information. Retrieved from ” https: I have checked and the firmware file is still present. OCZ Technology belongs to the businesses that implement all the above mentioned aspect in their expertise. I would have to say that this does not work for me either unfortunately. I’d like to reorganize the page a bit. IR is detected directly by the hidraw driver usbhid.

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It consists of a heatsink block, a fan, a mirror-like base, and five heat pipes. Thanks for you help hopefull Both use a similar small antenna placed at the same spot for comparison.

Hope this helps P. I tried this with Ubuntu 9.

Download drivers for EC DVB-T Device

Has there been an update recently that is causing this?. Retrieved from ” https: Something interresting with this device: I am using METV right now with 2 usb dvb-t tuners. I have not used the dongle for a few weeks and now it is not recognised.

Make use of available links in order to select an appropriate driver, click on those links to start uploading. The PCB has the same main components, but is more heavily populated with resistors, etc. Rebooting looses the above files and you have to start again. Then you have to download the firmware from http: Include the output of the lsusb when the dongle is unplugged and the output of the lsusb when the dongle is plugged in.


Equally the Linux driver should work for all revisions. The longer solution is to install the kernel source and then modify the makefile configuration options to use that instead of the headers it will default to using the headers still if not configured correctly.

E3C EC – LinuxTVWiki

To find eec168 this may help: This becomes possible due to the open source code available for several users simultaneously. This page has been accessed 80, times.

That makes it hard to trace the original manufacturer. I have checked and the firmware file is still present.

Someone else has solved the problem http: It’s even impossible to load the firmware via dfu-ec I cannot say from the picture.

This is now working. Its been like this for a few months and no problems.

EC168 DVB-T Device, list of drivers

Design of the casing is developed according to the company’s prime standards: Hi all got it now all up and running found this Tutorial and it works now my dvb-t usb dongle is working My WandTV has the EC chipset and now works under Ubuntu! I tried this again in the meantime and it seems that now it worked. There exists at least two versions of the hardware, with the same name and similar functionality and design.


Then it starts to go bad. Sorry I am a newbie, so any basic advice would be appreciated. Sometimes the plasic case can differ but the innards are just the same.

OCZ Petrol series can be attributed to the budgetary products with good performance and good price. Commercial success of the company in IT market depends upon the applied marketing strategies, line of products, and processing technologies.