Using the PhotoEnhance mode The PhotoEnhance mode provides a variety of image-correction settings that you can apply to your photos before printing. Leave the old cartridge installed in the printer until you have obtained a replacement; If the light is flashing, replace the appropriate ink cartridge. If the error does not clear, contact your dealer. Receives the ejected paper. Setting Up Your Printer on a Network

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A graphic display showing the amount of ink remaining appears.

Click Print in stylud Print dialog box to start printing. EPSON is not responsible for any use of this information as applied to other printers. Poster Printing Lets you enlarge a sigle document page to cover 4,9, or 16 printed sheets of paper and put them together to make a poster.

Page 7 Consumable products Leave enough space in front of the printer for the paper to be fully ejected.

Install all ink cartridges. This software prints colors as you see them on your screen.


The printer software opens. Lights Turns the printer on and off. Obtain a replacement black T or color T ink cartridge. Make sure that the paper is loaded under the tabs inside the edge guides.


Page 69 Making N-up settings Select N-up as the Multi-Page setting on the Layout menu to print two or four pages of your document on one sheet of paper.

Incorrect Or Garbled Characters Warning: Making the printer driver settings To select the printer driver settings for A4-size plain paper, follow the instructions below.

To use the utilities, click the Do serifs use an ink cartridge if the date on the package has expired. Welcome to Epson and sfylus an eye out for our latest updates and exclusive offers. LivePix is a trademark of Live Picture, Inc.

To access online help, choose Print or Page Setup from the File menu of your application.

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However, print quality may decline in the expanded area. Standards and Approvals U.

Be careful not to wipe the print head guide rail. Warning to Epson printer owners. Select Displays the current error notification settings. You may withdraw your consent or view our privacy policy at any time. If you are replacing both cartridges, press the maintenance button to switch to the color ink cartridge replacement position, and replace the cartridge as explained above.


See the next section for details. Carriage error The print head carriage is obstructed by jammed paper or other foreign material and cannot return to the home position. When the P power light stops flashing, click the Confirmation button in the Head Cleaning dialog box to print a nozzle check pattern and to reset the cleaning cycle. You cannot install software programs if you log on as a Limited account user.

The StatusMonitor dialog box appears. Nozzle Check The Nozzle Check utility checks the print head nozzles for clogging. If the correct port is not displayed, proceed to the next step. Vertical Misalignment Or Banding Check the error light.