Each of these commands will need additional parameters, specifically device and filesystem information, that we can’t provide but you’ll need to know these, just use the –help option for each command to tell you how to use them specifically, plus you’ll probably end up using the pvdisplay , lvdisplay and mount commands to help fill out these parameters. If recreated correctly nothing gets lost. Raja Sunday, April 8, at Prasenjit Monday, March 14, at Wouter Wednesday, August 10, at Maybe you can help?

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You’ve not provided us enough detail to essx you the exact commands you’ll need but essentially you’ll need to use the lvextend command to extend the logical volume, then the e2fsck command and then the resize2fs command to actually expand your filesystem. Comment Link Well documented steps, Good Job! I really hope it will be better soon with newer kernel versions.

It will show you that there are already 4 primary partitions on the system, and you need to add a new Virtual Eesx to your Virtual Machine.


I for one will continue to use LVM. You can not post a blank message. Rups Waqa 11 May Bosire 27 Mar Partition 2 does not end on cylinder boundary. Whoa 04 Feb Same else get that issue? But the first one – change partition size declared in the partition table still seems to require a reboot.

Increasing size of “physical” disk with Logical Volumes on VMWare ESX – MarCoach

Hopefully this will save future searchers from futile attempts. Works like a charm. Sky Monday, April 9, at Ssx I have to test this procedure Then I was running out of space, so I decided to increase the the hard disk by 20GB. Post as a guest Name. The kernel still uses the old table.

A very well written article.

Extend LVM partition on VMWare guest / ESX

Comment Link really good documentation. I was very hesitant when LVM become stable before use it in a production system Phisical or Virtual it doesn’t matter.

If it looks like that, with only 2 partitions, you can safely extend the current hard disk in the Virtual Machine.


Alexei Wednesday, August 30, at Follow me on Twitter as mattiasgeniar. There is also one more step to the above which is expanding ext or whatever filesystem you are using once you have resized the partition. It work perfect……Thumbs up to you man!

Wouter Wednesday, August 10, at Prasenjit Monday, March 14, at Can I make it without reboot? Becker 1, 1 12 I’d have to ask how you were scanning since that usually picks up the new disk size eex me. We generally do both dedicated and VPS hosting for our websites, apps and some premium projects we run for others. DaveJ 11 Apr Jeff Catania Thursday, November 1, at Enter the words you see below. Woodley Noriega Wednesday, June 13, at