Complex analytic coordinates in almost complex manifolds. J Series in Modern Analysis. The index of the Dirac operator in loop space, in: A twist in the M24 moonshine story – Taormina, Anne et al. Snapshots of conformal field theory, in:

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J Series in Modern Analysis. Strings on Orbifolds – Dixon, Lance J. Defect lines, dualities, and generalised orbifolds – Frohlich, Jurg et al. JHEP arXiv: To get the latest that Fold3 has to offer, you’ll need to update to one of the following modern browsers.

The publishers of “The Chronicle” describe it as “a pioneer in changing newspaper writing, readability and design. San Francisco Chronicle Content Source: Information References 86 Citations 1 Files Plots. This site is also available in the following languages: Complex analytic coordinates in almost complex manifolds. Much ado about Mathieu – Gannon, Terry Adv.


San Francisco Short Description: Chiral de Rham complex – Malikov, Fyodor et al.

See our other membership options. Allen County Public Library State: A twist in the M24 moonshine story – Taormina, Anne et al.

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Oeuvres scientifiques – Collected Works, vol. Manifolds and differential geometry, Graduate Studies in Mathematics, vol. Privacy policy Powered by Invenio v1.

The Case of complex tori bp00 Kapustin, Anton et al. About this image Publication Title: Vertex algebras and mirror symmetry – Borisov, Lev A. Vertex algebras, mirror symmetry, and D-branes: Orbifolds in Mathematics and Physics, vol.

Complex geometry, Universitext, SpringerVerlag, Berlin. A Link between conformal field theory and geometry – Wendland, Katrin Contemp.

Your browser is no longer supported. Arithmetic genera and the theorem of Riemann-Roch for algebraic varieties. Differential analysis on complex manifolds Inc. Strobl, eds -Verlag, pp.

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A Hiker’s guide to K3: Symmetry-surfing the moduli space of Kummer K3s – Taormina, Epxer et al. Complex analysis, Graduate Texts in Mathematics, vol. String theory on K3 surfaces – Aspinwall, Paul S. The index of elliptic operators on compact manifolds, Bulletin American Mathematical Society 69 ,