If the value cannot be determined or is not applicable, the value is set to You may need to upgrade the agent. This data structure contains the spare to physical drive replacement map. This is the size of a logical drive stripe in kilobytes. This variable indicates whether or not the tape drive is part of a tape library.

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The drive may be failed if retries do not work. These errors indicate that the physical drive has failed.

QLogic Driver Download – Fibre Channel Adapters – Windows – Windows Server R2 (bit)

I was worried about the driver part of the install. The data contained on the failed physical drive must be reconstructed from the fault tolerance data and copied to the spare so that the spare can function in place of the failed drive.

I will attempt to answer as many of the questions as I can. Physical Drive Has Monitor Information. External Tape Drive Type. If a read xhannel occurs, Automatic Data Recovery stops. This value indicates the number of times this physical drive returned a bad hardware status. Drives that do not meet these expectations may have problems.


If data exists on the board when the system is first powered up, the board performs a data compare test between the mirrored copies. The cache sizes on the redundant controllers do not match.

Some common causes include radio frequency interference RFI on the bus cables, bad or missing terminating resisters on the drives or having more than one device with the same SCSI ID.


External Array Physical Drive Entry. Fibre Channel Tape Library Model.

Powerpath and EMC software are installed correctly as per procedures 3. This is firmware revision level of the tape drive. Functional Test 2 Minimum Threshold. Redundant operation not supported until expand operation is complete. Each switch has one unique controller number associated with it.

If the cables are properly connected, run diagnostics to verify that a problem exists. A description of a software module that provides an interface to the device this MIB describes. Failed 3 Indicates that more physical drives have failed than the fault tolerance mode of the logical drive can handle without data loss. This monitors the status of each battery pack on the board. If you continue to have re-reads, you may have a problem.

As I said in the original question: Setting the poll frequency to zero 0 will always fail, an agent may also choose to fail any request to change the poll frequency to a value that would severely impact system performance. To blink the drive LEDs, set this value to the time to blink in tenths of seconds. If the Auto-Reliability monitoring process detects any bad sectors on the drives, it automatically remaps these bad sectors where possible.


The Fibre Channel Controller in Slot 3 has a new status of 6. If the poll frequency is non-zero, setting this value fiibre change the polling frequency of the Insight Agent. The bus number indicates to which SCSI bus this physical drive is attached. Many thanks for the response.

This is the index of the storage box that contains this snapshot. External Array Spare Table. In this process each fbre is scanned to verify that all of the sectors in the array are readable.