Who’d a thought you could get results like that using all that gear? ManyCam Gaming Be the best game streamer you can be! For this particular session, I decided to go with a keylight setup Peter Hurley used during his Illuminating the Face tutorial. Your keylight is going to affect the overall mood of your face more than any other light you place in your scene so experiment and make sure you are happy with the shadows it either casts or the shadowless beauty light it creates. When you first booted up the webcam session last week, I thought I was looking at a portrait of you as a placeholder. Peter House – May 6, You’ve just upped my chat roulette game. This is a killer lighting setup I think all photographers should be able to reproduce, and it created a very unique beauty light on my face that wasn’t too feminine like you might get with a super soft huge octabox.

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The fccce of the lighting is going to depend on how far behind the lights are in relation to you: Ben Silverstein – May 10, Nice article.

It looked great man. This beta is for users with fxce subscriptions only. Because I set my keylights so close to my face and exposed for them on my webcam, my white background went completely black this is a trick everyone can remember when wanting to change the density of your background. Once you have your lighting in place, you need to play with your exposure, gain, and brightness to correctly expose for your scene the way you envisioned it in your head.


Once you have your exposure set you can then start playing with the three most useful settings: Zach Sutton gary ohare – May 5, Okay Adam Now, ManyCam-ers can benefit from an even faster software to create:. This created a large soft light source that hit my face directly on axis with the camera.

It’s also movable which is a huge advantage to using your built in monitor webcam commonly found on many laptops.

That’s good to know! Ha it’s actually worse for that Do you have the computer vision toolbox? You can withdraw your consent at any time. Custom Watermark Display different watermarks during your broadcasts and video chats. Ha, I did fix my hair a bit Ian Sbalcio gary ohare – May 5, that’s so raven adam. You can use any lighting modifier on your background though; the point is you just fccd to make your background clean and interesting.

Most have a wireless remote that will let you zoom to get your framing just right. I’ll have to remember that then!

Three Easy Steps To Improve Your Lighting on Webcam | Fstoppers

We are planning on doing more Spreecast hangouts on Fstoppers in the future and I’m sure I will continue exploring this interesting idea. Basically I placed my computer and webcam directly in front of two softboxes that were feathered towards each other.

ManyCam for Education Create an amazing learning experience to help your students learn the most. If you already have an account, please log in. Little did I know how much of a stir it would cause and how many people would email wbecam concerning it. The best way to do this is by adding some backlighting to help edge you out of the background and make you appear more three dimensional.


Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking, “I don’t have the money or fccce to setup a crazy 8 light setup to make myself look like a video photograph! If this term is new to you it simply refers to the main light lighting your subject which in this case is you. Direct link to this answer: Select a Web Site Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers.

Star Citizen’s face tracking webcam tech is the stuff of nightmares

Learn how to use ManyCam with apps and websites you like. Also, the image quality is amazing. Multiple Channel Broadcasting Broadcast to multiple channels simultaneously. Code to detect face in a real time video using webcam.

Ramon Sanchez gary ohare – May 6, So straight. The whole goal of this lighting experiment was to make my webcam look like a stylized photograph so I decided to throw a spotlight on the background directly behind me.