Thanks for the advice. No, create an account now. It is the movement of those ions within the battery which allows current to flow out of the battery to perform work. But will that be much better than the ‘Keene’ I’m running? The current processor gets insanely hot The Sempron class processors were always heat monsters. I was just about to come back and ask that question.

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Sometimes the best way to determine how many memory slots are in the computer and how many are available for upgrade is to open the computer and examine the computer motherboard.

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo La1703

HauptplatineOct 16, Looking at the list of CPUs in Wikipedia looks like the TL is of newer generation and it’s minimum operating voltage is higher than older counterparts. No, create an account now. I was just fujltsu to come back and ask that question. If possible I’d really like to put a dual core in it or something. Falkentyne Dec 15, Thanks for the advice.


Double the cache won’t hurt either. The switch was a simple drop-in replacement when I did it. I especially would love something lower voltage and cooler seeing as this Sempron gets soooooo hot. Some drives can only read from certain discs, but recent drives can both read and record, also called burners or writers. ApostateTapir Dec 13, NickOct 16, Currently it has a: What do you fujtsu With TL you’ll get much more processing power but perhaps even hotter system.

Impossible to predict, it has to be tested. Newer chips also have higher TDP. An operating system OS is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.

That’s why the older generation chips are safer bet to work immediately. Which word editor and excel is the best kennyDec 11,in forum: A dual core would allow me some peace-of-mind when it comes to running programs that are a bit intensive.

It is the movement of those ions within the battery which fujitwu current to flow out of the battery to perform work. Common gestures are point and click and drag and drop. Best Liquid metal for laptop? The terminal marked positive is at a higher electrical potential energy than is the terminal marked negative. Hard drive capacity is generally measured by the amount of data users need to store, which is usually much greater than the space applications take up.


So a dual core for a bit of multi tasking would be nice.

Thanks a ton for any help! Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo La specifications

I replaced one Sempron with TL if I remember correctly. TTGiangDec 15,in forum: Blacky Dec 16, The most important thing would be the ability to multi-task and for the laptop to not freeze every-so-often when swapping between programs.

What is the best Windows 10 build?