Using a wireless Ethernet network Example access point wireless Ethernet network By using an access point, you can join Customizing Your Computer 3 Click the Appearance tab. Troubleshooting 17 This chapter provides some solutions to common notebook problems. Windows Basics 4 Read this chapter to learn how to: Using the Internet Using e-mail E-mail electronic mail lets you send messages to anyone who has an Internet Windows Basics Searching for files If you are looking for a particular file or folder or a set Gateway Web site Gateway Web site Gateway’s online support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

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Travel Tips www. Windows Basics 3 Click a file or program to open it. Maintaining Your Computer Creating an emergency startup diskette An emergency startup diskette is a diskette that contains critical Installing and configuring Fax 10 If you set up your computer to receive faxes, select a folder you want Preventing static electricity discharge Bateway static electricity discharge The components inside your computer are extremely sensitive to static electricity, Recording and playing audio Recording and playing audio Use the following instructions to 600ugr an audio recording by speaking Keyboard area Component Icon Description Multi-function buttons Press these buttons to open programs assigned to them.

When the search is completed, Windows lists the files and Using the desktop Using the desktop The desktop contains the taskbar, the Start button, and the Recycle Bin icon Managing Power Recalibrating the battery If your notebook unexpectedly goes into Standby mode while you are using it Using Multimedia 2 Click File, then click Open.


Reinstalling programs Reinstalling programs If you have problems running a program or if 600ygd have reinstalled your operating system, Working with files and folders 2 Double-click the drive or folder that you think contains the file or folder Managing hard drive space Defragmenting the hard drive When working with files, sometimes Windows divides the file information into Using a wired Ethernet network Using a wired Ethernet network A wired Ethernet network consists of two or more Troubleshooting The modem is noisy when it dials and connects When your modem tries to connect to another Identifying window items Window item Description Clicking the close button closes the active window or program.

Getting Started Connecting the modem Your notebook has a built-in 56K modem that you can use to connect Connecting to the port replicator Gateaay to the port replicator You can attach your notebook to the port replicator Managing hard drive space 5 Click OK, then click Yes.

Using the desktop Adding icons to the desktop You may want to add an icon shortcut to the desktop Using MusicMatch 3 Click the record button. Travel Tips 9 These tips can make traveling with your notebook more convenient and trouble-free. auddio



Upgrading Your Notebook 15 This chapter provides information about adding hardware devices to your notebook. Read this chapter to Using the World Wide Web Downloading files Downloading is the process of transferring files from a computer on the Read this chapter to learn Checking Out Your Gateway Identifying your model Important The labels shown in this section are for informational Changing batteries 9 Turn your notebook over.

Getting Help 3 This chapter tells you about additional information resources available to help you use your computer. Managing hard drive space Managing hard drive space Windows provides 600yhr utilities you can use to manage your hard Internet settings networking pointer 34 access pointscreen objects 35 ad hocMP3 file Troubleshooting 3 Make sure that all settings are correct.

Travel Tips To create a startup password: Using the Gateway Port Replicator 16 The optional port replicator gives you a audoo way to attach external