Page 18 Chapter 2: This process slows the hard drive performance. For more information, see “Adjusting the volume” on page Troubleshooting Do not try to troubleshoot your problem if power cords or plugs are damaged, if your convertible tablet PC was dropped, or if the case was damaged. In Standby mode, your convertible tablet PC reduces or turns off the power to most devices except memory.

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That is the inverter, to remove it gently pull the plugs from each end and remove the screw from the middle and pull the board away and replace it. Viruses can damage data or cause your convertible tablet PC to malfunction.

Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: M USER MANUAL”

Turn off wireless RF devices such as your wireless Ethernet emitter while the aircraft is moving. Page 80 Chapter 5: The Power Meter dialog box opens. Locate your original program installation CDs and installation guides. A combination of IEEE The Open dialog box opens.

If you are uncertain about your rights, contact your legal advisor. Therefore, thepen shipswith extra points and a replacement tool.


You can search by the: A progress bar appears yablet to each track as it is recorded. This function can be to scroll up or down, maximize or minimize the active window, or open and close the Start menu.

To reinstall your programs, follow the instructions in “Reinstalling programs” on page To recover files or folders from the Recycle Bin: Page 32 If you have a telephone modem, use a surge protector that has a modem jack. Have a manual for Gateway 1. You can often identify different data file types by looking at the file’s extension the part of the file name following the last period.

To create buttkns wired Ethernet gayeway, you or your electrician must: For more information, see “Connecting to a wired Ethernet network” on page 48 and “Networking Your Gateway M” on page 1 This is the password you need to enter at startup.

Gateway M275 User Manual

To install your old printer: The Select source and destination button opens. Always store the pen in the Gateway convertible tablet PC’s pen holder when not in use.

When you travel with your convertible tablet PC, you merely disconnect from the port replicator instead of unplugging all the devices. Dispose of used battery promptly. Avoid touching the edge connectors.


Back The built-in speakers on your convertible tablet PC are turned off when speakers or headphones are plugged into this jack. To adjust specific volume levels: Spend some tavlet going through your old computer’s Start and Programs men us, making note of any programs you want to install on your new convertible tablet PC.

Gateway M275 Free Driver Download (Official)

Scroll Lock is turned on. If you need to access your desktop computer files from your convertible tablet PC while traveling, set up your desktop computer for remote access. Position taboet pointer over the object. Reset hole O Insert a straightened paper clip into this hole to manually restart your convertible tablet PC. Page or co-located in conjunction with any other transmitter or antenna installed in the convertible tablet PC.