So be careful with these options. Gentoo has long had support for parallel installation of different major package versions. Doing this is beyond the scope of this article, however a quick configuration of SAMBA for shared printers will be covered. Here we have to:. The contribution is a license text or a file of similar nature , and verbatim distribution is allowed; or The original point c has shifted to become point 4. There are reports of success from marking legacy framebuffers as generic and enabling the simple framebuffer while disabling all others:.

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Gwntoo committing documentation or sources to any repository hosted on Gentoo infrastructure or to any official Gentoo project independently of hosting must comply with this policy. It works with CUPS and provides a user-friendly interface to configure printers. All the installed gnat profiles are getting hpl-2001 in turn and the lib gets compiled multiple times for every profile. Thus, eselect gnat setupdate and unset actions directly operate on the env entry re creating a new or deleting an existing one.

To enable or disable those features, use the USE flags associated with them.

For proprietary drivers like nvidia. It becomes necessary to provide another virtual: Also, as Ada standard has been recently approved, some packages are starting to require and Ada capable compiler of which only gnat-gpl can be considered to be providing a reasonably complete subset of Ada functionality at this moment.


GLEP 76: Copyright Policy

Gentoo has long had support for parallel installation of different major package versions. Again, all of the available options are detailed in the documentation. Some printers require specific drivers or provide additional features that are not enabled through the regular configuration process described above.

Debian was facing a similar problem [12]. PCL drivers send raw data to the print server.

If one of the first errors is that Xorg can’t find any screens, then follow the following steps to resolve the issue. The output from uname -v is correct.

One particular issue should be observed however. Documents containing Metadata Printing.

Printing – Gentoo Wiki

Do not rely on genkernel to configure everything in the system automatically; printing is an area configuration settings are difficult to automatically set. Hm, then is it presumably a not compatible Kernel Configuration: If the computer supports PAT and the feature is enabled in the kernel then this flag can be enabled.

Select it and use the smb: All what was necessary to do, was to extend SLOT logic to accept proper package names. An AdaCore’s gnat-gpl version of gnat gentol on gcc The nvidia kernel module accepts a number of parameters options which can be used to tweak the behavior of the driver. To find the desired printer’s URI, run the following command, substituting server with the computer that is to probe for samba-shared printers:.


app-text/ghostscript-gpl – Gentoo Packages

For information about using the lp or lpr commands for printing documents see CUPS’ excellent upstream documentation. For commits made using a VCS, the committer shall certify agreement to the Certificate of Origin by adding Signed-off-by: Depending on the system’s chipset this may cause stability issues if enabled.

And that ist my problem. The primary example of the “extending” package would be asisas it is closely tied to a particular version of compiler and installs directly to the same locations where the specs and libs of the corresponding gnat go.

This implies a permissions problem. Since the beginning of the project, back inthe installation and maintenance of CUPS has improved dramatically. Using the Gentoo Certificate of Origin is strongly preferred.

For files in textual format, these notices normally appear near the top of the file. Rather than saying “it does not work”, please show us the exact command you ran and all the output it produced.

Drivers are easily able to be changed later.