The invention is applicable to these filter representations. In an embodiment, first storage module comprises a first capacitor As such, the harmonically rich signal contains multiple harmonic images that contain the Q baseband information. Further details of enhanced signal reception as described in this section are presented in pending U. The electronic alignment of the circuit components is flexible.

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Transmitted redundant spectrums are preferably above baseband frequencies as is represented by break in the gtundig axis of FIGS. Each image includes the necessary amplitude, frequency and phase information to reconstruct the baseband signal Furthermore, filtered Q output signal and filtered inverted Q output signal may comprise substantially equal noise and DC offset contributions of the same polarity from prior down-conversion circuitry, including third UFD module and fourth UFD modulerespectively.

For example, over a time periodthe energy in the positive wlna a – b is frundig out by the energy in the negative pulses a – b. More specifically, the UFT modules b and trundig alternately shunt the Q baseband signal and an inverted version of the Q baseband signal to ground, according to the control signals andwlam.

A link designated as being wireless may alternatively be wired. In other words, the combined baseband signal can be received at the drain of wlzn FETs, and the harmonically rich signals can be taken from the source of the FETs, as will be understood by those skilled in the relevant arts. Instead, the invention effectively performs various types of filtering, including but not limited to bandpass filtering, low pass filtering, high pass filtering, notch filtering, all pass filtering, band stop filtering, etc.


A wireless modem in accordance with the present invention can be implemented in a PC-MCIA card or within a main housing of a computer, for example.

A phase shifterillustrated here as a 90 degree phase shifter, controls the third and fourth UFT modules and to operate 90 degrees out of phase with one another.

Furthermore, the configuration of the controlled switch is also flexible. In stepthe 90 degree signal combiner combines the harmonically rich signals a and b to generate IQ harmonically rich signal This complexity and high parts count increases overall cost.

For example, in an alternate embodiment shown in FIG. The corresponding data transition is indicated in I-modulated signal of FIG. Outages of merchant websites and geundig technical problems can cause unusual fluctuation in the price history.

For instance, potential circuit re-radiation is radiated at a frequency substantially greater than that of the input RF carrier signal frequency. In stepthe balanced modulator receives the I baseband signal and the Q baseband signal The Q factor of the UDF module is approximately i.

When voltage is different from voltagethen a DC offset will appear between the I channel modulator a and the Q channel modulator bwhich results in carrier insertion in the IQ harmonically rich signal As noted elsewhere, these example implementations have been described for illustrative purposes only, and are not limiting.

Q output signal is received by optional third filter Likewise, wlxn summer amplifier sums the DC reference voltage with the inverted input signal to generate a combined signal These and other grunndig of the UFT module are described below. Referring to the example embodiment shown in FIG. The spectrum includes multiple harmonics a -I, and the frequency spectrum includes multiple harmonics a – e.


It is noted that in this implementation example, the MAC interface is located on a different board.

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These advantages include, but are not limited to: UFT technology interfaces directly to the baseband processor of the physical layer. The operation of the balanced modulator and the generation of harmonically rich signals was fully described above and is illustrated in FIGS.

In practice, the input filtering operation performed by the UDF module is integrated with the frequency translation operation. The manner in which the down-convert and delay module performs frequency down-conversion is further described elsewhere in this application, and is additionally described in pending U.

As noted above, the UDF modules, are implemented using the universal frequency translation UFT modules of the invention. In the example shown in FIG. Alternately, second filter may comprise any other applicable filter configuration as would be understood by persons skilled in the relevant art s.

Preferably, the frequency of control signal is much less than the input signal Transmitted redundant spectrums b – d are centered at f 1with a frequency spacing f 2 between adjacent spectrums.