Check the compilation at HMV store in Australia. Also new photos are now available online: I also found a couple of more links for the online stores selling the ZYX release: Mauro Picotto – New time, new place Primate 3. I’m glad to announce our latest signing on A1 Music called Quincy , which represents groovy and stomping dance music with falset vocals in a disco flavour! I woke up on the floor with a bunch of smoked mushrooms beside me and 4 weeks had passed.. I’ll see if I can release it here after it’s done!

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Mixed By Pulsedriver

DCX – Flying High has peaked at 4 on hitsurf. The single is coming out on spring via Edel Finland!

The Album CD Title: Think we’ll make something new on that side to the studio in near future. RMX” from pulaedriver and has just been released in Finland. There was also another feature lately on a magazine in Finnish area pressing aroundcopies.

Mixed By Pulsedriver скачать музыку бесплатно в MP3 – слушать музыку онлайн

Laite formerly Floppi has teamed up with Maka and they’re writing their own stuff currently. Hope this made opening the page easier and faster for everyone, enjoy! The price of the web single is only 2 euros, read more from the Buy Records page! I’m planning to use it as a drum machine after compiling a few drum sample sets for that purpose. Check below for your preferred version: Pictures and some video footage are coming up afterwards! BUT it also includes the music video in supreme HD quality!


More info about the video and release dates coming soon! The document of I’ve also fixed some issues all around, ie. Photos of the event coming up afterwards and I may write a short story about this on the DIARY as well and in case some haven’t noticed, I’ve finally done a couple of updates on the diary lately.

The first DCX live went all great despite some technical problems we faced in the very last minute The show was broadcasted live on HTV’s digital channel correction to the earlier news post and also as online stream at www. The guys have stood up against illegal mp3 sharing after lots of major record companies went down in UK due to war and also piratism, where mp3s naturally play one of the main roles.

NU website has suddendly reviewed ‘The club is open’ -vinyl!

It’s the kind of a break you expect, never, but you enjoy it when you come to it. Some of the photos from the second week of our DCX tour are now also online! The local producers are doing their relevant remixes, so expect some more releases to come in that area! The results in different series are: The media concern which signed Candyman for the Asian market is in monopol status on the local sound and recording industry, but also owns a TV-station of it’s own and a wide range of various magazines.


VA-Hard Dance Mania 16 Mixed By Pulsedriver-2CD-2009

Go vote for us! I got inspirated by this Mariah Carey look-alike photo that I came across at finnish irc user community irc-galleria. Come over here and Har hold you!

Kontor Records – Top of the clubs Vol 1. I only got a burned hole to my finger but such things make you think about things in other ways sometimes. Check the Photography gallery and directory “Popkomm Berlin”.

The releases in other countries are to follow. COM has now been announced! The gig will be replayed puulsedriver the broadcast several times during the on-going Assembly ’05 event this weekend. Delivery options see all.

It’s available online at Boris Records.