We do not do “random” out-of-tree drivers because commonly these are supported by their vendors in a haphazard way. I would do it but just don’t have time. Comment 1 4 Max Homepage on Ross on It will also use DKMS to compile the module for future kernel update automatically. If you are building one of the others, please substitute rr64x v1. It’s just that I’ve been very busy with number of other projects, but I’ll see what can be done for this.

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Don’t bother setting it up.

Highpoint RocketRaid Raid5 driver problem.

As a result, the only thing that will work correctly is to use the UUID. Another minor but critical fix In In fact, the changes are the same for the rr62x and rr26xx belowwith only the lines on which the offending code occurs changing between the versions. Ross on RocketRaid last bighpoint There is a binary-part of in it and it is kind-of open-source. This is how it looks on my dmesg: Submitted comments will be subject libux moderation before being displayed.


Any comments, Github forks, pull requests, etc.

I did ask about it in their support forums closed to registered users only, sorry. Not to mention that my motorcycle had problem with carburetor and when I got that fixed, the alternator broke.

Build and Install DKMS has now added our module rocketrair its list of modules to build for future kernel installations. To add Kernel 4.

RSS feeds of this Blog comment feed. If after a kernel upgrade you reboot and it can’t find the rr26xx module, then reboot in an old working kernel and run this: Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

To load the driver you can restart or execute the following: Changed this and it worked: Thanks for the info this help me out with my rocketdaid server install ljnux get the SD box working again Comment 1.

Once these changes are done, you can proceed with installation as usual. Subscribe to this entry.

HighPoint Global website

Comment 1 4 Max Homepage on And back to your question: Running module version sanity check. Purpose This mini-howto is intended to help others avoid the frustration I went through when updating kernels and having my root partition on a RocketRaid mirrored drive.


Copy the Makefile and Config files up to the top directory: If you are building highpoimt of the others, please substitute rr64x v1. The name of the module without the.

RocketRaid 62x and 64x Driver

Hello, I know this thread is over a year old now, so sorry for bringing up a dead horse. They used to be free as in beer and speechbut they went commercial. The biggest problem seems to be, that it doesn’t build on any reasonably modern Linux.

Three problems exist with the version 1. Also, the deb packages contained in the tar. Max on