Procurar Baixar Por exemplo: Once everyone is using up to date mobo’s, all this driver stuff will be ancient history. Please see my screenshots. The use of scalers and pixel shaders in DOSBox would offer various results, sometimes better, other times worse. Hi again NightOwl, I’ve changed autoexec. Having said all that, I believe DOSBox tops them all in terms of flexibility, compatibility, cost and easy of use. I suppose to be completely thorough I should try to put the SB Live in the P4 and see if it works properly, but if there’s something else I can do to persuade the Ensoniq to work first, I’d like to know.

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I haven’t tried too much about it since it would crash the system on nVidia boards though it can theoretically produce only FM music.

For testing, rem out or change the highlighted items: Board index All times are UTC. The program must put some kind of flag to identify it as having been burned directly by Ghost Still not ok I don’t have SATA controllers or optical drives–so I don’t either–but it sounds like you need to load gcdrom for each controller present–as many as are needed–and the one that has the optical drive attacted to it then needs to be referenced by mscdex.

IntelĀ® I/O Controller Hub 9 (ICH9) Family Specification Update

I still don’t know if I should do it, though. So, is there a better way?

Checking or unchecking doesn’t have an effect on the network bug. Views Read View source View history.


Optical drive DOS driver for ICH9 chipset

I’m trying to build Ghost boot CD including gcdrom. I’ve already posted to much in the last days, I’m afraid.

Now the resulting image files can be transferred to the HDD, and then burned to other optical media, and Ghost will still be able to recognize and access the image files successfully using its built-in optical drive driver! Special settings for FreeDOS. And even if you slow down the CPU to the correct level, the memory and video subsystem still performs much much faster than a vintage PC and this can lead to issues with some games.

Also, it appears that the most recent chipsets especially since Haswell no longer provide native PCI slots, and manufacturers have to use PCIe-PCI bridges to provide them, which has a fatal limitation that it cannot access addresses below the card’s base address where Sound Blaster 0xGeneral MIDI 0x and FM Synth 0x are located, preventing those cards from working properly not only in DOS but also in supported platforms that may make use of those ranges.

VirtualBox – ICH9 – FreeDOS

As I said earlier, I was not familiar with the error you reported: Your statement above tipped me off as to what was happening: I’m posting 2 screenshots regarding the error “This disk was not created by Norton Ghost”. PCI sound cards and Chipsets from various manufacturers This disk was not created by Norton Ghost.

If Ghost boot-disc is made with gcdrom. Turns out, Ghost has its own DOS optical driver built-in to the program. I included on boot-disc only gcdrom. In the end, only Aureal sound cards can make digitized sound at least working on most current motherboards, while I experienced some unusual loop on nForce motherboards On SATA drive system – 1.


Speed is another issue.

Optical drive DOS driver for ICH9 chipset | Tech ARP Forums

In TDMA mode it uses about 1. If it does, you could burn the Ghost image to optical media using Ghost! Especially if you played those games on real platforms in the ih9, you may at times feel that the graphics aren’t as good and smooth as in real DOS.

Now it’s getting much clear for me. In what to one race is no time at all, another race can rise and fall But, if you are able to load the DOS optical drive drivers that mount and assign a DOS drive letter to your optical drive, then Ghost will treat that Ghost image file that was first saved to a HDD, and then burned to optical media, like any other Ghost file, and you can work with it just fine!

This disk sic was not created by Norton Ghost. And there it is! Ros, reserving IRQ7 which the Ensoniq setup decided upon for the card doesn’t seem to make a difference.