I am rating the iRock a…. I rate the iRock i MP3 Player a…. The unit is so small that it literally fits in he palm of your hand. It also has a SmartMedia card slot that is expandable to MB of storage. The rear of the box has information and you can see the included accessories.

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When you want to download more than a few songs, it will take a bit of your time. The only problem I had was the fact that there is no way to tune the treble and the bass. The iRock is a good MP3 Player.

Using 1 AA battery, the iRock can be used for around 30 hours. The unit is not upgradeable to more memory but you are able to update the firmware for any updates that are available. The player comes with some downfalls. More bass would have been appreciated. The front of the box is the usual plastic packaging that displays the unit front and center. Today we take a look at another MP3 Player, but this time from iRock. The sound quality is good. It depends on playerr features you like and the sound quality to justify the purchase of the iRock The jp3 arrived to us via next day delivery.


– Review 83 – iRock MB MP3 Player Review

The leather is nice too. The i arrived to us via FedEx next day delivery. The usual style of package. Someone probably forgot to package it in.

iRock Mp3 Digital Audio Player

Full speed USB v1. The rear of the i has an integrated belt-clip that is tightened with a big screw.

The top of the i has the headphone jack, microphone jack, mode button where you control whether you want to see the text, images or filename of the current songand the options button where you go into the menu with various options to tweak such as the equalizer and display backlight. The iRock i MP3 Player is packaged in hard plastic displaying the front of the player.

I would like to thank iRock for making this review possible. The rubber enhances the grip when you are holding it.

Lrock feel 8 hours is too short.

Also the USB 1. Luckily, iRock sent me one. The i is an MP3 player that measures only 3.


Irock MP3 Player Memory Cards – Memory for Irock MP3 Player

There are also four sample songs included with the iRock so you can start listening to music in no time. Playing text is like singing along.

The usual style of package The iRock arrived to us via next day delivery. Using the iRock The voice recording is useful when you want to remind yourself what you need to do. I was actually surprised it arrived to plqyer. The unit is so small that it literally fits in he palm of your hand. The battery life is very sparse 8 hous only and I recommend picking up a rechargable AAA battery.

Using the iRock was very easy and mo3.