In fact, the performance of that chipset was on par with the AMD ! We’ll see proof of that later. Wed Jan 02, Iwill and Acer Labs Inc. There are a few versions of the IWill XP floating around with the 2. Other websites reviewing this board and using Crucial modules Micron chips do much better and an OcUK forum member hi Bigsy! Performance Conclusion Overall performance was good but slightly underwhelming, especially when overclocked since the memory controller didn’t seem to like our test module at all.

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I want my board stable and if these extra checks assist it in doing so, i could care less about how long it takes. You are also forced to run the processor bus synchronous with the memory clock meaning some front side bus clocking of the processor and consequently the whole system. As we move down the graph from x at the top through x and x at the bottom, you can see the effect that the overclocking has on the scores.

In the test, we used the Valley of the Jaguar demo where the increase in CPU speed should show us a decent increase in the lower resolutions, just like Quake3. This is one feature rich board! Performance For the overclockers among you, everything in the review prior to this point is irrelevant. IWill XPR revision 2.

I have logs of each configuration with uptimes and faults.

Iwill XPR Motherboard Review –

The means that the results you will see are from 2 performance points. The manual also points you to the VIO jumpers on the board which seem to adjust the memory voltage. Going back to the drawing board, ALi dramatically improved performance with its B0 based Magik 1. The board is deisgned to run atxp333–r be overclocked to The last ounce of performance isn’t worth the stability and compatibility issues.


VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup – January 2002

If anyone has any other explanation other than module incompatibility then let me know and I can hopefully revisit the board using the same module. The ones in the field have help up VERY well. The CPU speed increase to MHz should give us a handy increase but the low memory performance will pull the score back.

With even lousier boards like the Asus A7A and its many compatibility problems before I get flamed by everyone, yes I have used the A7A beforeā€¦ things certainly didn’t look good for ALi.

Upon receiving and testing the board we were very impressed by what the board offers us. It’s a good overclocker, x333-r I gather that it’s pretty stable, since we haven’t seen much in the way of problem reports on USENET and web-based forums.

The previous occupier of the case was a Pentium 4 board and with that removed, installation was a cinch. The extras are fairly spartan with just the board, IDE and floppy cables, manual paper and photocopied in the review sample and the audio backplane and ribbon connector for it. Tue Jan 01, 3: That brings us to where we are today and the board under the spotlight is the XPR is based on that exact same stepping.


Iwill XPR (ALi MaGik1) Motherboard Review

Layout and Installation Starting as we always do at the top left of the board and working xp333-r way across and down we can see that the Iwilll socket, northbridge and fan and DDR DIMM slots are the dominant features on the top half of the board.

So let’s take a look at the board! The voltage mod on the board is simple too. Originally posted by angrysand: Take a look at the following cropped selection from the Sandra Memory Bandwidth benchmark. The MCX is one of the larger sinks available at 80mm so any popular sink of sane dimensions will fit without issue. About Us Employment Xp33-r Policy. The demo take a fair amount of time and is also very pretty to look at while you run it.

Overall performance was very good from the board but since it’s a debut benchmark for us we don’t have anything to compare it to on similar platforms GeForce4 on P4 and i DDR is too wide of the mark!

And maybe some further descriptions about methodology and such? One see’s the F s and the other sees F’s. I make my future purchases based on the figures i calculate. Tue Jan 01, 5: