Geophysical Journal International, , Journal of Applied Geophysics, 57, Inversion of 2-D spectral induced polarization imaging data. Pilot-scale field validation of the long electrode electrical resistivity tomography method. Near Surface Geophysics, 12,

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KEYLOK USB Dongle – Software Protection Device how to download and install the driver

Your personal data if you’re from outside the european union will be redirected to our respective concerned place of business which might be outside the EU.

This keeps the licenses in a safe location and always under administrative control, even for workers in the field.

To use this update, copy it so that it overwrites the old version in the appropriate folder in your hard-disk. Res3DModx64 bit version of free 3-D forward modelling program. Assessing reliability of 2D resistivity imaging in mountain permafrost studies using the depth of investigation index method.

Optimized arrays for 2-D resistivity survey lines with a large number of electrodes. The search for groundwater in a harsh but beautiful land by electrical imaging. To download the last version that support the Rainbow dongle, go to the ‘Legacy Versions’ table below.


Development and testing of displacement inversion to track electrode movements on 3-D electrical resistivity dpngle monitoring grids. United States KEYLOK has a 33 year history of providing hardware-based security and licensing to thousands of companies across hundreds of industries worldwide. A brief outline of the main features of this software PDF format.

Near Surface Geophysics, 13, New version of program with multi-core CPU support. Free demo version that allows the user to save the inversion results for 3D data sets including topography with up to electrodes.

Geotomo Software – Download

In some cases, the free demo version has proved to be sufficient for the needs of the user. Near Surface Geophysics, in press.

SEH has a wide network of distributors and re-sellers worldwide. Fast computation of optimized electrode arrays for 2D resistivity surveys. They simply plug-in the KEYLOK dongle to the dongle server and the application runs securely and licensing is enforced. Geophysical Reserach Letters, 43, Computation of optimized arrays for 3-D electrical imaging surveys. A resistivity survey of a burial mound in the Valley of the Thracian Kings’.


Practical aspects of applied optimized survey design for electrical resistivity tomography. ParaView kelyok opensource 3D visualization software. Please note they no longer support the old Rainbow parallel port dongles which are more than 15 years old! Pilot-scale field validation of the long electrode electrical resistivity tomography method. I have read the privacy protection statement and accept it.

Non-invasive monitoring of DNAPL migration through a saturated porous medium using electrical impedance tomography.

USE OF KEYLOK USB DONGLE | abdul raazak –

Exploration Geophysics, 35, This is viewed as a demonstration of the usefulness of the softwares. Instructions for installing the dongle driver for Windows Vista and 7. Dongle Server provides a simple security solution for virtual environments.

A sophisticated 3D earth science graphics package. Inversion of data from electrical resistivity imaging surveys in donhle areas. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 95,