This command is used to perform user-based garbage recollection. This command is used to sets beacon interval in adhoc mode when an argument is given, and gets current adhoc. The value returned by this function is the ttl assigned. Any combination of the above arguments can be supplied on the command line. Eventually, the table will be automatically maintained by a custom. This command is used to get the mode for Rx antenna. This command is used to list a neighbor from the FWT table.

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If the chan token is absent, a full channel scan will be completed by.

This command is used to set the station to scan for either IBSS. The various status codes are: This command is used to reset the FWT table, getting rid of all the.

It can be edited and inspected with the following.

The different parameters are: The mesh ttl is the number of hops a mesh packet can traverse before it. If no value is given, all four values are returned in the order mentioned.


If you want to list all the routes in a. There are no input parameters.

Marvell 88W8385, 88W8388, 88W8686 devices (libertas)

This command is used to get the best route in the FWT table to a given. This command is used to send the de-authentication to the AP with which.

The output is a string of the following form: The default value of MissedBeacons is. This command is used to get the region code information set in the. This command sets number of probe requests per channel. The forwarding table FWT is a feature used to manage mesh network. The argument must be between 0 and liebrtas To ligertas the results of use getscantable command. This command is used to set the Tx rate, ack policy, and retry limit on a per packet basis.

Set automatic frequency control options. One important reason for this is that the neighbor id may change as the. This command gets current Tx rate index of the first packet associated with Rate Adaptation. This command is used to set the scan type to be used by the driver in. Data Rate Mbps — 1 2 5.


This command is used to get the listen interval llbertas set in the. The License provides additional details about.

en/users/Drivers/libertas – Linux Wireless

The blinding table BT contains a list of mac addresses that should be. What were the DFT.

Value field specifies the number of consecutive missing beacons which. Disable auto rate adapt.

LASER5 Linux

Note that the indicies may change as the fwt is. If it is set to 0, then the event is reported only once, and then. This command is used to turn on the RF antenna. This command is used to get off the idle state.