Bug present until I apply “grub fix” from this thread. I’m no graphics developer but it suggests to me the frame buffer is OK, so the problem is something else. Nicolas Krzywinski nsk7even wrote on The latter solution gives me correct x resolution and is preferred until this problem is resolved. I had problems with LIbreofiice too, but only with “Writer”, which refuses to open.

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The bug is still present in this kernel version.

[SOLVED] Intel GM/GMS No 3D acceleration

Bug in Kernel 4. During installation, everything was text mode and O. When going to sleep, eeepc-acpi-scripts 1. But now the wifi adapter is not found.

If you have problems when trying to reactivate your Wireless connection with the hotkey, you may have to ensure the module pciehp is loaded with the right options. If it is important though, I can re-run the tests and carefully note if the networking is OK or not. I have read somewhere that it may be because the modes are somehow not properly reported during start. I have to type it by hand for it to resume. This information was last pulled 8 hours ago.



This leaves me discouraged about running Linux on those flash drives. Created attachment dmesg It should be noted that the screen distortion appears in runlevel 3 as well. I suspect with an update from kernel 4.

Martin martin wrote on Your inxi output specfies that the intel driver is being used. It’s a pity 4. Then update config changes executing ‘update-grub2’.

Linux Mint 16 Petra Machine: If you want Ubuntu to start up everytime with the 4.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Note that if your Eee PC is running a different kernel version than your build machine, you will need to install the linux-headers and linux-kbuild packages corresponding to the Eee PC’s kernel, and use the ilnux option to specify that version when you invoke module-assistant. I am getting an error message in dmesg though: Downloaded the official lubuntu- Find More Posts by fuorviato.

I can confirm the bug too. Did it a few times, eventually managed to login. The workaround consists of installing kernel 4.


Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Shaine, you should be able to get your xorg. Download full text 3. Observed by magnifying lens. This includes some packages required to take full advantage of hardware in the Eee PC which not yet suitable lknux inclusion in the official Debian archives. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. BB code is On.

Same issue after upgrade from Xubuntu However, it is not present in kernel 4. DRI2 Enabled [