When looking for a schema object whose name matches the name spec, look in the schema named by the partner schema spec. The schema name should be used in uppercase. Here is the syntax: Use the -verbose option to learn when the loadjava tool does not load a file, because it matches a digest table entry. The files will be loaded into this database instance. But if I want to use the Oracle server-side compiler

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Use a ” -” wildcard when you must test a class that refers to a class you cannot or do not want to load; for example, GUI classes that a class refers to but does not call because when run in the server there is no GUI.

These errors are displayed with the following syntax:. To make sure the correct names are used, before uploading resource files, store them in a JAR, as shown in the following example: When resolving a class that depends on an invalid class, the resolver first tries usingg resolve the dependency because ksing may be marked invalid only because it thhin never been resolved.

Some Oracle Database-specific optimizations for interpreted performance are put in place during the verification process. To be eligible for publication, the method must satisfy the following: By default, class schema objects run with the privileges of their invoker. Directs the loadjava tool to display detailed status messages while running.


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Forces files to be loaded, even if they match digest table entries. The resolution operation searches schemas in the order in which the resolver spec lists them.

By default, the loadjava tool loads into the logged in schema specified by the -user option. You can specify as many. Just before the loadjava tool exits, it checks whether the processing was successful.

Therefore, this option will only have an effect for resources.

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The digest table enables loadjava to skip files that have not changed since they were last loaded. A re-loaded archive file might also contain some files that have changed since they were last loaded and some that have not.

Displays the loadjava help screen. You must drop the source schema object first.

Note that this is the first time I’m doing that. When used on the command line, unless overridden in the option file, it will cause the loadjava tool to ignore all files. Furthermore, run-time resolution can fail for lack of database resources if the tree of classes is very large.


In the current Oracle8 i release, most developers will find that compiling and debugging most of their code outside the database and then loading. Java source schema objectswhich correspond to Java source files. I mean java classes, which usinng loaded via loadjava tool with -r -s -v -g parameters. Designates the schema where schema objects thln created. For -resolverspecify all other options in the first input parameter and the -resolver options in the second parameter, as follows:.


The online options shown in the table match schema object names as follows:. That way, the following invocations are equivalent because you can use any pathname to load the contents of a JAR:.

lodjava For any files or JAR entries that start with prefixthis prefix will be deleted from the name before the name of the schema object is determined. Here is the syntax:. These options are most useful when specified in an option file. Loads all classes you specify on the command line, marks them invalid, and then resolves them.

Loading Java Classes

Library Product Contents Index. Gabriel 44 1 9. Choosing -oci8 implies the syntax of the -user value; see “user” for details. A resolver spec consists of one or more items, each of which consists of a name spec and a schema spec expressed in the following syntax:. Binds newly created class schema objects to a user-defined resolver spec.